Landscape Photography - How to Do It Like a Pro

Landscape photography is the kind of photography we do when we travel the country. It’s a common practice when taking photos of nature. However, it is also useful when you are photographing everyday places.

While most people are able to take photos of people or close objects, landscape photography is more difficult and requires more experience and technique.

This post will give you six basic but very useful tools to help you make your photos as stunning as possible. Quality is subjective. Professional photos can still be distinguished from others.


We rely on the sun upon all our lighting needs when we are photographing landscapes.

We can only control the time of day that we take the photos. Always plan ahead and choose the right lighting for your photo. Sometimes it is brighter than others.

The Sky

Landscape photography can be made more interesting by the presence of clouds. The sky is mainly the clouds that make up the sky.

Sky often takes 25-50% of the view, so make sure you take care of it. You can also focus your attention on the ground if you see nothing unusual up there.


Many landscape photos are boring and dull. It’s best to add motion to them. Motions include clouds moving, water streaming and animals moving.

Low shutter speeds create this feeling of motion. To prevent the camera from moving, it is important to use a tripod. We will use an ND filter to reduce the light in cases where there is too much.


You can use filters to enhance your photos, especially landscape photos. Polarizer filters will darken skies and reduce reflections when they aren’t needed.

ND filters allow gradual exposure. There are many other options that you can use to enhance your photos.

Black and white

The return of black and white photography is a great thing. B&W photos are unique and artistic because they show the world in a way we can’t see with our eyes.

We didn’t like black or white in the past because it didn’t show us the true picture. Today, we are able to see the real picture in any photo. We want to see something unique and different, and black and white photography allows us to do just that.

The Angle

As a photographer, the angle of your photograph is your last tool. This reminds me of a trip that I took to Capitol Reef Pictures.

The Capitol Reef is home to so many photos shoots every year that I felt the need to add my own unique perspective. That’s what I did. I flew a helicopter to take a photo. Although it required some stability efforts by the pilot, I was able to capture very good shots just by changing the angle of the photo.