The Instagram Revolution and How It Helped Evolve Photography

Chase Jarvis’ book “The The Best Camera is the one that’s with You” shows photos were taken with only his iPhone. The book, more importantly, illustrates the point that no matter which kind of camera you have, so long as you take the photos you want in according to the way you’d like to, then you’ll be able to take a decent picture.

Jarvis The insight of Jarvis However, it’s not something that many photographers have in common. Traditional photographers, in particular, do not feel so enthusiastic about the concept of using camera phones to capture photographs. A majority of them believe that cameras thwart the creativity of photographers. Some say it takes away the purpose of photography since all you have to do is hit the button, and you’ll receive the picture you desire. Many even consider camera phones an example of disruptive technology. This is how many photographers see Instagram, the photo-sharing app. Instagram.

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has turned into an enormous success. Users love its user-friendly features, as well as the fact that they are able to snap photos and improve them by using the aid of filters.

What photographers may be talking about on Instagram is the app; it can’t be disregarded that the app for sharing photos has been a significant contributor to the advancement of photography.

Social Media Integration

With the rise of Instagram, the platform has made it possible to share pictures in the most convenient way. You can upload your Instagram images via Facebook and Twitter.

This feature gives your photos more exposure since your Facebook friends and Twitter users can also send pictures with their contacts. In a matter of minutes, thousands (even thousand) of people can view your photos.

A more straightforward method to Edit Photos

Thanks to its vintage-themed filters, which make it easy to manage and modify your photographs. There is no need to download an additional app since the filters are available within Instagram the app. This might not be a favorite with professional or traditional photographers. However, Instagram users love the fact that with one press of one button, they can change their color photos to black and white images and reverse. With these filters, you are able to immediately create the picture you wish viewers to be able to see.

Professional photographers do not prefer using filters since they believe it hinders one’s creativity. Some photographers say that by using filters, Instagram is a bit smug about bad photographs. These criticisms don’t make a difference to Instagram users. However, they find the process of filtering photos enjoyable and beneficial.

A Great Alternative

Cameras that are traditional and DSLRs are cumbersome. Camera phones which are the principal method of taking pictures for Instagram, are much lighter and convenient to carry. There aren’t any long lenses or dials you have to move around. In fact, many photojournalists find iPhones superior to their DSLRs, mainly when sudden events arise. Because they’re tiny and can fit in your pocket, iPhones along with other phones for cameras are able to be concealed around.


With Instagram, photography has become more accessible. On the same platform, you can take photos, edit them and publish them within a matter of minutes. The users now have alternatives for expensive camera equipment and photographic equipment.

In conclusion, it’s inevitable that Instagram is a reliable platform for sharing relevant images with the most significant number of people possible. Professional photographers have the option to use it or not. However, the fact is that Instagram continues to change the face of photography.