4 Ways Photos Preserve Memories (Especially of Those Who Have Passed)

My grandfather passed away more than a month in the past. The photos and videos he and my Nana took over the years to record their lives truly brought me to how important it is to take pictures.

Based on all the pictures taken at the funeral home and those we took at their home, I’ve put together four reasons to ensure that you document your life in photographs. I’m not the best at remembering that I take pictures (crazy, I realize) but believe me when I say that it’s something you need to commit to taking. You’ll be glad you did in the future.

I can’t believe I don’t have many of these pictures to cherish his memory by. It’s possible to think that you don’t need prints as long as you have your memories, but continue reading to learn why that’s not always the case.

1. Photos trigger memories that you

Didn’t Know about how many occasions you have glanced at a photograph from the past and thought, “Oh yes, I remember the time… “. It’s as if you’d forgotten about- an important moment of your life, an enjoyable moment, or even something else that pops up at the top of your mind. Thoughts. Sometimes, this triggers other happy memories from the same period that bring a smile to your face.

2. Photographs can help tell younger

Generations about the people and times that have passed ByA tradition for my household is going to the lake to spend time with each other. A few years ago, my great-grandparents and the great aunts and uncles parents, cousins, aunts, and uncles would often gather at the lake house of our family in which my great grandparents resided. As I looked at these photos, I was able to experience what those times were like, as well as to meet relatives who died prior to my birth. A lot of whom I’ve heard a lot of stories about.

3. Photos accurately document life events sometimes;

you’ll remember an occasion that occurred (such for example, Christmas 2002); however, you may not be able to recall all the details of the event (like the gifts you exchanged and received or who was present). Sometimes, memories of an important event become fuzzy, or you disagree with someone about what really occurred. If you have photographs to use, the details are more precise.

4. Pictures Help You Understand

Things you didn’t know about. I’ve always believed that my brother looked just like him, and not anyone was in particular until I came across a photo of my granddad as a child. The resemblance is striking. It’s incredible what you can learn from images that nobody considered telling you.

I hope this post will inspire you to begin recording everything that happens in your life. In my next blog, I’ll discuss what life events are most important to record… Some might not have been thought of by you.

What are the photos you have which you are happy that you or someone else has captured? Do they represent a specific moment or event or an individual? Please let me know via your comments!