The Top 7 Photography Apps for Your Smartphones and Tablets

Modern mobile technology has enabled us to make the most out of our tablets and smartphones. Apart from sending and receiving SMS, as well as calling as well as browsing on the internet, phones can also be utilized as digital camera replacements. Many people with tablets also use their devices to snap pictures. While they can’t compete with top-quality point-and-shoots or SLRs when it comes to photo performance, it is possible to find applications that let users create photos that are far more impressive than usual.

These are seven apps users of tablets and smartphones can benefit from to enhance their photography experience. The apps are categorized in accordance with their purpose or primary feature.

Filtering and Editing Apps

The most well-known photo apps are those that are which are used to edit or filter photos. They give anyone the opportunity to take pictures that he or she is proud of.

1. Instagram (Android, iOS)

Perhaps the most well-known editing software on the marketplace, Instagram is loved by numerous tablet and smartphone users due to its multi-functional. Apart from being able to snap photos and then alter or apply effects to them, the app is also an online social network. It allows you to easily publish and share photos with followers and friends. It is possible to connect your Instagram account to both your Facebook as well as Twitter profiles.

Instagram offers filters (both standard and custom) that are simple to apply. They allow you to use special effects to your photos to give them more depth. You’ll find the “selective, focused dropper” very useful, too.

Apart from tablets and smartphones, Instagram can also be accessible via the computer.

2. Hipstamatic (iOS)

iPhone users take square pictures with the app for digital photography Hipstamatic. Photos can be altered to appear natural, like they were born with an antique camera. This is made possible by filtering and effect software. The application comes with three types of flashes with four lenses as well as three different types of film you can pick from. Additional effects are available should you not be satisfied with the default ones.

People who love analog-like images utilize Hipstamatic.

3. Snapseed (iOS as well as Android)

Introduced under the name Snapseed Mobile, a mobile app for iPad in 2011, this photo application lets users modify a specific portion or whole image. It’s simple to use: it has an auto-correct feature that can transform your photo’s contrast, brightness, color as well as other essential aspects of photography. There are filters and effects to select from.

Snapseed lets you upload photos to Google +. But, you’ll need to pay a few dollars to get it since Snapseed isn’t free like other photo editing software.

Alternative or replacement camera apps

If you’re looking for a better alternative to your smartphone’s default camera, then you’ll need to find a suitable alternative camera app. Here are two options.

4. Camera + (iOS)

Designed to be used on designed for iPhone as well as the iPad, Camera + is the ideal camera replacement for iOS users. It comes with a range of features that can transform your photo-taking experience into an enjoyable experience. The most exciting part is Touch Exposure and Focus that gives you the natural ability to control how the photograph will look. Do you want it to appear as dark and depressing as the night or as bright as day? You’ll be able to alter the focus and the exposure independently.

Furthermore, you can pick various shooting options (like point-and-shoot and burst) and then edit your photos by tapping your fingers. Similar to Snapseed, but it’s not with a cost.

5. Pudding Camera (Android)

The Android camera replacement application is called the Pudding Camera. It comes with nine camera types of high-quality and eight different films available to choose from; this app lets you capture photos using various effects. It allows you to take motion pictures by using a retro-style movie or take a panoramic image using an old film.

The Pudding Camera does not have video functions. However, it’s completely free. Therefore, it’s certainly worth a try.

Another Photography Apps to use on the Smartphone and Tablet

There are many apps that can provide features like photo collages, panoramic cameras, and more. This is one:

6. PhotoGrid (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8)

PhotoGrid is an app designed specifically for pictures that are posted on Instagram. It lets users create collages of various kinds that they can post not just on Instagram but as well via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Picasa, among others.

You can pick from various styles, modes, and grids or frames. The process of arranging photos in grids is as easy as shaking your phone! Other options include stickers, backgrounds with decorative designs, and fonts that you can use to add text to photographs.

7. 360 Panorama (iOS and Android)

Capture panoramic photos of your favorite scenes with 360 Panorama. 360 Panorama app. What makes this program unique is that it can process images in real-time! It means that you can watch your panoramic photo unfold while you shoot photographs. There’s no need to wait for every frame to get processed.

As with the majority of photo applications on this listing, 360 Panorama allows sharing with social media sites such as Facebook as well as Twitter. You can also send your images to friends and family members.

Seven of the best photography apps are available on tablets and smartphones. They might be unable to make your iOS or Android photos look as stunning as SLR images, but they’ll undoubtedly inspire a photographer out of you. Check them out now, and you’ll be able to enjoy an exciting experience with your photography!