Decorating Ideas Using Movie Memorabilia

If you’re someone who lives, breathes, and is a lover of films, there’s no lack of options to make your media space or your home into an Oscar-winning setting. This article provides suggestions on the best ways to start.

Set your budget

The first step in integrating film memorabilia into your design plan is to determine whether you want to design the task as a massive blockbuster or a shoestring indie film. This, in turn, will determine how long it will take to create the Hollywood style you’re hoping to achieve. Examine if it’s feasible to construct a set of movie collectibles that you have already and then make it an easy weekend project or to begin saving to purchase authentic movie props for a longer time.

Display and theme identification

Decoration using film memorabilia could be done in two ways. The first is to follow the general route by collecting items that are usually related to the making of films and also going to the theatre. The other option is to concentrate on the hallmarks of a specific movie or style that is appealing to you. If you want to take the standard route and transform the room into a glamorous dressing room or media room into a vibrant filmmaking poster and props display, the objects that you need will be less expensive in the event that they’re replicas that you purchased from places such as Your Props All Movie Replicas, All Posters, and The Movie Shop. In this instance, the main focus would be on ambiance rather than authenticity. If you’re gathering authentic film costumes and other objects for an exhibit, The conditions in the display will have to consider things like temperature, lighting, and breakability, as well as moisture and if the items are likely to attract a lot of touches.

Utilize Your Imagine

In order to help you begin thinking about different display strategies for your film memorabilia, here are ten ideas to get you started.

(1) Change the lighting in your chosen room with studio lighting with black shades or theatre wall Sconces.

(2) (2). You can showcase your movies-themed books with the covers with the cover facing upwards on your shelves.

(3) Look over the covers of all your VHS and DVD movies and create an enormous collage. If you have tables with a glass top that is removable, use it to display your collection as ticket stubs, pictures, or even reviews of films.

(4) Buy cheap Halloween-themed costumes for characters like Batman, Spiderman, and Captain Jack Sparrow, as well as hang them on pegs in your entranceway.

(5) Buy cardboard lobby cut-outs and place them in random locations throughout your home. If you know someone who works at a theater, ask them what the theater’s policy is when it comes to its exhibits after the film’s run ends.

(6) Get Hollywood stars decals, and then place them on the outside of the doors inside.

(7) Replace your handles and pulls for doors by using attractive hardware like reels of film.

(8) It is possible to mix movies star headshots with family photos on your fireplace’s mantels and on the walls.

(9) Install a decorative rod over the entrance to the media area, and then hang an orange velvet curtain.

(10) Buy used cinema seats alter the bar’s plain design to create an ice cream stand with an own maker for popcorn. Then embellish the back wall with Tin signs.