Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer for Your Big Day

Congratulations on your engagement! Everyone will be asking you, “So when is the big day?” Before you can fully process the beautiful ring that’s on your finger, After you have chosen a date and a location, it’s time to find the right wedding photographer to capture your big moment.

Let’s face it; wedding photographers come in many shapes and sizes. There are no two wedding photographers the same. One of your best friends may have been a veteran who knew how to pose perfectly for every photo. You don’t have to be the same. While you’re sure to receive many opinions and suggestions from your family and friends, it is your day. Your day is yours.

You may feel frustrated if your mom prefers traditional photographers to modern, innovative, and trendy trends. While conventional photography is fine, you have many options, thanks to digital photography and Pinterest. Your mother should know that you don’t have to be “unconventional” in your photography tastes. It doesn’t mean that you won’t take traditional family photos and such. These are the essential elements of a good photographer.

How to Choose Your Photographer

How do you find the perfect photographer for your special day, then? What are your questions? Remember to breathe, remember this is your wedding, and that your photographer is honored to be a part of it. Your photographer will be there to meet your needs. These four questions will help you determine who will capture the magic of your day.

1. How do you style?

Formal photographs used to be the preferred style. Today, photojournalistic (or candid!) photography is becoming more popular. Are you more drawn to romantic, posed photos like those on Pinterest? Do you prefer candid shots like your dad holding back tears, your mom laughing with your wedding party, or your guests tearing up on the dancefloor? You’ll be able to narrow down your options for photographers once you have decided what style you prefer. Many photographers will be able to modify their style according to your preferences.

2. Do you need one or two photographers?

Many grooms and brides have decided to hire two photographers to photograph their wedding. This allows you to have two perspectives on the wedding ceremony. One photographer can be up close and personal while the other is far away. This will enable you to get the best of both worlds. One photographer can concentrate on candid shots while the other is busy photographing the wedding party. Be careful when you book a second photographer. Many photographers have clauses that prevent other photographers from working at the same event as them.

3. What are the details of the package?

Your photographer will provide your wedding photos. But how will he/she do it? You will receive a CD with all your images in high-res so that you can print them yourself, prints, canvases, full wedding albums, and a copyright release. Make sure you get all details regarding the package options of your potential photographer.

4. Which is your theme?

Is there a theme to your wedding? Some grooms and brides have a vision of rustic or vintage pieces and let their imaginations run wild. They will treasure their wedding photos for years to come. You should envision how your wedding will look before you start looking for a photographer. You have the opportunity to make your wedding memorable. Make it about you and what you want.