All About Indian Wedding Photography

Undoubtedly, the most important day of a person’s life is their wedding. A wedding’s charisma is so strong that it can bring joy, sadness, joy, and love to your heart. It is best to capture the essence of the day by a skilled photographer. Indian weddings don’t just revolve around sentiments. There are many elements that can be included in a marriage, such as color, fun, and laughter. We will discuss how to turn these memorable moments into unforgettable memories.

The latest trends in Indian weddings

Indian weddings are a grand affair. A great photo album is essential for any Indian wedding. Photography, like every other aspect of Indian marriage, is constantly evolving.

Candid Photography

No more posing. It’s all about natural looks today. When the couple looks back on their wedding day after ten to fifteen years, they don’t want to see fake photos with plastic smiles. They want to remember the day as it was, full of mixed emotions, ups and downs, and bittersweet memories.

Pre-wedding video

Indian weddings aren’t a one-day affair. The celebrations usually last at least one week, with many ceremonies marking each day. You can show pre-wedding between the festivities, but it is best to do so on the day of Mehendi or sangeet. This video features the couple in Bollywood fashion. It’s a video inspired by Hindi movies. The couple wears matching clothes and sings romantic songs. This can be done by your photographer for anywhere from seventy thousand to one million dollars.

Photograph shoots

Photoshoots with soon-to-be-married couples have become very popular in the last year. Although it may sound absurd and uninteresting, they are very much in fashion. Couples can choose from a variety of romantic locations, including parks and five-star hotels, to pose for the photographer. This concept allows teams to look back on their wedding day years later and remember how in love they were. They are also having fun while getting clicked! These clicks are instantly popular on social media among friends.

Other trends


Some people prefer a simple and intimate wedding, while others go all-out. Marwari and Punjabi weddings are the most extravagant. Due to the sheer volume of marriages, one can end up spending quite a bit on almost everything. These packages can range from sixty thousand to three lacs if you plan to hire a photographer to cover the entire course of six to seven days.


Instagram and Photoshop are the new norms. How can a picture be complete without some editing? The purpose of editing is to enhance the image’s beauty. Some effects can be added. Black and white photos are an example of such products.

It is easy to say that Indian wedding photography has seen a significant facelift. Because they understand its importance, people are willing to spend a lot on it today and in the future.