Model Management Tips for Photographers

A photoshoot can be as easy as booking a model, showing up, and then going. You may not have much experience working with models unless you have. These tips will help you make the shoot a success for both you and your model.

Crystal Clear

Clear guidance is needed when it comes to hair, makeup, or other details. Although you may feel that your model is already well-prepared for the shoot, it’s best to give them some guidance. You might advise them to avoid glitter and sparkles when selecting makeup or clothing. These light-reflecting materials can create strange light reflections, which could cause headaches later when editing.

Health and Safety

The health of the model is another crucial aspect to consider during the shoot. This applies to all members of your photography team, including assistants, models, and friends, as well as anyone else you might be responsible for.

Before you book a model for a long shoot or photoshoot, it is essential to know if they have any health issues. A friendly, brief conversation may be a good idea about this. It doesn’t matter if the model is employed or not; you just want them to feel comfortable.

Also, don’t starve your models. You can tell your models to bring food in advance or offer them water. This is particularly important when you are doing long shoots. It can hinder your model’s ability to perform at their best if they are hungry or thirsty.

Also, consider temperature risks. If you are looking for outdoor photos on sunny days, bring your model under a tree or near a building. The cooler temperatures will make your model look more natural and beautiful. You should also consider keeping water, a fan, and other hot-weather necessities on hand. A blanket or jacket is a good option for winter or fall weather.

You might also consider ensuring that the model is wearing flip-flops, tennis shoes, or flats as an alternative to walking barefoot, in stilettos, or in dress shoes. In case of an emergency, it might be worth having a couple of cheap flip-flops in different sizes in case your model forgets. If your model falls on anything sharp or hazardous, you don’t want to be sued or injured.

Preparedness Kit

We would be able to take our camera and accessories with us to every photo shoot in a perfect world. But, it’s not possible. Models can forget things, get sick, tear their stockings, and have accidents like everyone else. A true professional will be ready for the most common obstacles.

Even if the model has already been given guidelines, props are a must. It’s impossible to predict what inspiration might bring, so be sure to have additional props and costumes on hand. You have an excellent idea for a businessman’s concept but no blazer. You don’t want to miss this shot! Make sure you have everyday clothing items in larger sizes available for your model. These items should be large enough that you can pin them to make them custom-fitted for the model. This brings us to the next item on our preparedness checklist.

Safety pins, hair spray, and bobby pins are all essentials. Even though a model should be aware of the importance of having these items, it is up to you as the photographer to ensure that everything is available in case something goes wrong. Safety-pining an eye-sore (like a hot pink bra strap) in the camera will save you time in editing.

Star Treatment

Make sure models have somewhere private and clean to change their clothes. Consider where the facilities for changing clothes are located, even if you’re outdoors. Make sure to check out the facilities before you go. Is there enough space for the model to use that porta-potty? It is unlikely. It could also ruin their morale for the rest. Make sure you have tents and other secure areas available so that models can still keep their dignity.

It might be worth leaving some travel-sized items in the changing room for models to use between outfit changes. You can use hand soap, deodorant, hand wash, disposable toothbrushes, and disposable toothbrushes to clean your hands between outfit changes. Keep the items in their original packaging and keep the safety seals intact. You can ensure that models feel and look great, even if they forget things.