Tips on Beautiful Wedding Photos

We all dream about our wedding day. As a former bride, I can attest to the stress, headaches, and sleepless nights that go along with planning your wedding day. One thing is sure: a professional wedding photographer is essential. You want your wedding photos to last a lifetime and not be lost in an album.

South Africa is a country that loves the outdoors. Most South Africans get married outdoors in the spring and summer months. This means that most photos will be taken outdoors with natural light rather than in a church or studio. We forget to mention that the chances of rain in the summer months are much higher than winter months unless we are in the Western Cape.

Here are some tips to help you create stunning wedding photos that you can be proud to display.

The meeting:

It is essential to meet with potential photographers face-to-face. Good photographers will be able to answer your questions about the wedding. Questions like: When and where is it? What was the reason you chose that particular wedding reception venue? How many groomsmen and bridesmaids are involved? How does the family look? What can you expect from your wedding?

These meetings should be attended by your fiance. You will get to know each other better, and you can also learn more about the photographer. You will feel more at ease with the photographer who will capture your perfect moment.


Every bride (and some grooms, I’m sure) will tell you that they have a vast wedding planner with a million ideas. Begin looking at photos you like, but be realistic about your choices. You won’t have the option to take pictures on the beach with a view if you’re getting married in a game reserve. Tell your photographer if you would like to use props such as horses, bikes, or dogs on your wedding day. Keep scrappings and/or photos of any examples of images you want. When it comes to family photos, make sure to tell your photographer. Instead of trying to get many pictures, one large family photo can suffice.

The details:

I recommend that you inform your videographer if you have one on your wedding day. They may sometimes get in the way of each other, but it is essential that they work together.

The photographer will conduct thorough research on the church and/or reception venue. The photographer can also take pictures at a nearby botanical garden or museum if you wish. You should let your photographer know if you have any specific photos that you would like to be taken during the ceremony.

You should also check out the packages that your photographer offers and how many prints, CD/DVD copies, and/or canvas prints they offer. Many people are drawn to black and white photos. They can be very dramatic. You will also love color photos to showcase your wedding dress and to highlight the location. The sun shining through the trees is something I love. This can make your marriage soft and romantic.

The Deal

After discussing all of your ideas with your photographer, make sure you book them immediately. Avoid disappointment by booking your photographer at least a year ahead of time. You must sign a contract that includes all your negotiated payment options, details like the date, venue, hours, and other fine details.

You never know what could happen, even if you are a family member signing a contract. Make sure that you know everything about your photographer’s camera gear. Do they have backups? Are they equipped with an assistant?

Make sure to include an extra plate for your photographer during your reception. Let your photographer know if he/she will need to stay over at the venue, as it might be far from home.

Have fun at your wedding!