Let's Talk About iPhoneography!

Photography is everywhere, so is videography And now, there’s an iPhoneOGRAPHY! In comparison to DSLRs DSLR, iPhones are less bulky and easy for carrying around. It is a common practice to carry your phone around with us nowadays. In addition to texts and calls, each modern-day handphone comes with a camera to take beautiful photos. It doesn’t matter if it’s an iPhone, Samsung phone, Nokia phone; all modern handphones come with a decent camera for us to play with. You can now get rid of your heavy camera gears, uncomfortable camera accessories and complicated image editing programs! This is because you’ve got the iPhone which is a handy tool to take and edit your photos in just one or two clicks.

Who said iPhones couldn’t take distinctive photos?

Today I will provide you with a few suggestions regarding iPhoneography… We’ll start.

Tip #1: Keep your photos simple

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci.

Do not complicate things with too many running within the background. The key is simplicity. Make things easy. Be aware of distracting objects on the camera’s viewfinder. You’ll be amazed by how professional your photos will look in the end.

Tip #2: Have a Theme!

People often say, ” A picture speaks a thousand words”. Every image tells a tale. What is your picture saying?

Tips #3: Shoot from an angle that is different!

Try the same shot several times! Try shooting from different angles. It offers various perspectives. Try something new! Explore different combinations. Take photos both vertically and horizontally. When you return to examine the images you’ve taken, you’ll be amazed at how different photos can give diverse opinions and feelings. One of the photos you took of the same object shot from a different angle might be an award-winning photo. Let your imagination take flight!

Tip #4: Don’t make use of the zoom feature on your camera!

Do not zoom in using the zoom button on your camera. Zooming in using the iPhone camera zoom can result in blurry and pixelated images. There is a good chance that you will get poor quality photos that are shaky. If you’re looking to get a close-up of an object, I suggest moving toward the item (zoom in using your foot) and then clicking.

Last Step! Process!

Every one of my iPhone images is published on Instagram. One of the advantages of Instagram is that it allows you to edit your photos. Try out the filters. Of course, editing on Instagram is limited. You are able to use filters only to edit photos. It is possible to use other extensive photo editing applications on The App Store to alter your photos. Change the temperature, contrast and brightness, and blur the background to make your object shine… These are among the many options you have. The beauty feature of iPhoneography is that a “shot gone wrong” can be transformed into something amazing. You can turn it into something creative by playing around with the buttons within the application.

What are you putting off? Get your iPhone and start shooting photos today! Make sure you take at least one photo per day. Remember, practice makes perfect! Experience is the most valuable instructor…