How To Properly Care And Handle A DSLR Camera

A DSLR camera is a costly device that requires careful handling and care to make it last for many years. Even if the camera is stored in a backpack when it travels around, the dirt could be able to get into the camera’s parts. Here are some helpful tips on how you can take proper care of your DSLR camera.

Cleaning the lens

This is the initial step in keeping the camera in a good state. Lenses for cameras are costly accessories that require proper, very good care. A soft cloth should be used to scrub the lens’s surface to prevent scratches. Make sure to use only products specifically designed to clean lenses. Never use a tissue or the lower part of the hem of your shirt to clean the lens. It is best to stick with cleaning products which are recommended by the company that makes them. They are readily available at an honest camera shop or a photography establishment.

Make sure to wash the lens using the lens cleaner and special cleaning tissue. You should make it a practice that you apply your solution onto the cleaning tissue rather than placing it directly on the lens. This will make sure that the solution does not get into the camera’s parts.

Cleaning the camera’s body

When you’ve cleaned your lens, you can work with the frame of your camera with a dry, soft cloth. Make use of a blower brush to get rid of dirt in difficult to reach areas. Don’t blow your camera using your mouth. Doing so can cause moisture to build up and make it harder to wash.

Cleansing the filter of the mirror lockup

There are instances when tiny dust particles are stuck on the low pass filter that is covering an image sensor. If this occurs, it is essential to wash the filter because dust particles will show up in the photos if they remain in the filter. You must be cautious when cleaning the filter as it is a delicate piece of equipment.

While the procedure may seem complicated, you can accomplish it at your home. In the beginning, you must place the camera on the mirror lock. Make sure that the battery is running at all the power it needs to last until you finish taking care of the filters. This will prevent the mirror from closing in the event that the battery is dead as you go through cleansing the filter.

Take off the lens from the lens. Be sure that there is a blower nearby to blow away dust. When you go to the setup menu, choose the option to lock the mirror and follow the steps at the top of the screen. The mirror will not shut after pressing the shutter release. It will close only when the camera is turned off or is shut down. Find dirt that is blocking the filter by holding the camera in the light of a bright. If you notice dirt, rotate the camera down and then use the blower to clear the dirt. Do not touch the filter or attempt to clean it using the use of a cloth. If the dirt is not removed with blows, there is no choice but to take your camera to a service station.

Tips for protecting your camera

The price of digital cameras can be high, and you need to take care to secure them. Make sure to keep the camera in its case when not in use, and don’t forget to change the cap after using. Installing a filter on your lens will be the most effective option to safeguard it in the event that the camera is damaged. Don’t place the camera unattended or that it is exposed in extreme temperatures. Silica gel is a great way to stop moisture from leaking into the camera. Make use of a plastic bag to keep the camera safe in case you shoot in the rain.