8 Steps To Take Before Your Headshot Shoot - Tips From A Photo Retoucher

Photoshop is an incredible tool that can help actors appear their best. However, there are some aspects that aren’t able to be faked. Here are some suggestions to help you prepare for your headshot shoot so that you excel…

1. Get plenty of water.

If you’re dehydrated, wrinkles and pores become more apparent, and lips can appear dull and wrinkled. Avoid alcohol and caffeine that are diuretics. They can lead to dehydration. Be sure to drink plenty of water in the days preceding the shoot to ensure that your skin is healthy and has a and dewy appearance. Coconut water is an excellent alternative to water and is a tasty way to hydrate!

2. Moisturize. Gentlemen,

this is for you too! Utilizing a moisturizer reduces the appearance of wrinkles and flaky, dry skin. My preferred night cream honey girl organics facial & Eye Cream (available at Whole Foods) – it’s incredibly moisturizing and has a beautiful texture. My second most-loved moisturizer is simply Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It’s not exactly what you think it is. However, it’s a fantastic cheap, simple and easy beauty product! Simply put a couple of drops in the palm of your hand and massage it over your face before going to bed (and do not rinse it off). The night prior to shooting is the best moment to moisturise, as is the day of. I suggest using a regular moisturizer, such as Neutrogena healthy skin face lotion that has SPF 15 because not only will it provide you with an extra boost of moisture, but it also helps protect you from the sun while shooting outdoors!

3. Have a facial. Again..

. I’m speaking to you, too! Extractions on your face are an excellent method to get your pores cleared. The blackheads and pores that have been blocked will be visible in your photographs! As a professional photo retoucher, I can tell you it’s simple to get rid of the blackheads here and in the middle; it’s not easy to cleanse your entire face of filthy pores. Make sure to have your facial done at least one week prior to the shoot date, as facials can lead to redness and breakouts. Be sure the facial you have includes extractions. Drink plenty of water prior to your facial! The more hydrated, the better flexible the skin is… This makes it simpler for your beauty therapist to cleanse your pores.

4. Make sure you use new mascara.

Ladies, it’s an ideal time to change your mascara! The experts recommend replacing your mascara every three months. However, I’m aware that most of us (myself included) often keep it longer. As mascara wears out is clumpy, it causes eyelashes to look like spider legs. It’s nearly impossible to remove the lashes using Photoshop! Therefore, get a fresh mascara tube for your eyes to stay clean and natural. Comb your lashes when you spot any clusters. My preferred mascara of Lancome is Definitions… Try it using the Lancome Cils Booster for more impact!

5. Don’t overdo your foundation.

Keep your makeup natural and light so that your skin appears natural and not fake. Loreal True Match Liquid Foundation is gorgeous and looks fantastic on cameras. Keep a stash of translucent powder to add shine, but take it slow with it. For guys, I’d recommend not wearing any type of foundation. Apply a small amount of moisturizer or some light dusting of transparent powder or oil sheets for blotting to take care of the shine. Don’t be concerned about pimples or a shaving nick; they can be easily edited. It’s almost impossible to discern when men are wearing makeup when I see them in photos, and there’s nothing I could do to make it appear more natural using Photoshop. If you’ve got uneven skin, and you do choose to use foundation, apply it with the lightest touch… Try the mentioned Loreal True Match in place of the cakey stage makeup!

6. Make sure you get enough sleep.

This is a common practice, but it’s crucial. You’ll not only look more attractive, but you’ll also feel better!

7. Cut your hair.

Hair always appears better when it’s freshly cut, so why not try it during the week before your shoot? Hair that is neat and tidy can’t be created by Photoshop. It’s also an excellent idea to request your photographer to be attentive to your hair while you are shooting. Hair can be easily rearranged in the real world. However, it’s not as easy in post.

8. Lip balm or gloss are essential.

To ensure your lips look fresh in your photos, Make sure that you’ve got lip gloss in your bag. Contact your photographer from time-to- the point if your lips appear dry or cracked. Apply the balm whenever necessary.

Well, that’s it! Here are my top tips for looking great in your pictures. If you begin with these essential tips and follow them, you’ll save time and money using your retoucher and will be delighted with the result!