Tips to Capture Great Videos Using Your Smartphone Camera

The majority of Smartphones are equipped with the capability of aiding you in taking videos and pictures to your satisfaction. However, you must be able to capture that time, ideally using the camera. Even with all the great features and improvements to camera apps, the outcomes of the videos taken by you aren’t enough.

Here are some suggestions to help you capture fantastic video using your smartphone

The ideal place for videography is in the open.

The landscape orientation is preferred when recording a video, as it will be destroyed when you attempt to record it in portrait mode. Another reason to choose this model is the comprehensive coverage and better video quality when streaming it to a bigger screen.


This means you have to concentrate on your subject carefully. This will require you to place your subject away from the centre in order to gain attraction.

If you don’t want to zoom, it’s not the time.

If you think the use of digital zoom will assist you in recording better video, then you should do an honest assessment. Zoom is the most destructive foe of recording video. It can cause pixelation, so it is recommended to be close to your subject rather than using a zoom.

When should you use flash?

It is often the case that you record using flash footage, and it can be unintentionally disastrous. The image you capture looks like a ghost than a human. The LED flash alters the temperature of the light, which results in horrifying effects. It is recommended to make use of the light around you or within your surroundings.

Better use of backlighting

The settings for backlights are also not ideal for video recording. The camera in your smartphone isn’t equipped to record people who are looking backs to the light, which is the reason why you get an unnaturally dark silhouette. It is essential to place your subject in that light that falls on them. Therefore, you need to set up the lighting setup prior to you beginning to capture videos. If you cannot move your subject in any way, then possible, you should change your location for the best video.

Utilizing the time lapse

Time-lapse is a fantastic method to record videos at different frame rates. Replaying the identical sequences of photography using time-lapse produces stunning results. To achieve this, it is suggested to make use of the feature Hyperlapse offered on Instagram specifically for iOS users.

Accessories for your smartphone camera

It’s the camera’s accessories that allow it to enhance your photos or videos. You can choose to use things like tripod mounts or an add-on lens that turns your Smartphone camera into the equivalent of a DSLR. There are a variety of options on Photojojo.

Editing Videos

Editing doesn’t just help to improve your video. However, it also offers you the opportunity to eliminate any flaws you may have filmed. You can also eliminate the parts which you don’t want to keep. The process of adding effects, transitions, or titles is simple. Whatever Smartphone you’re using, it could be an iOS smartphone or one of the Android smartphones. You can select iMove, which is specifically designed to work with iPad or iPhone. For Android, you can use Magisto and Videon.

With these tips, you’ll be able to make quality videos with your phone. Be aware that if you would like to get superior video quality, you’ll need to opt for premium Smartphones with higher resolutions. Cameras that have a larger sensor are sure to help you.