5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Photography

After you have paid the bills and the thank-you cards are handed out, and the feelings begin to diminish, the only thing you’ll have left of your memorable day (that was likely to have gone by in the speed of light) is your memories and your photos.

As a wedding photographer, I am aware of how fast the wedding day can go through the air, in a flash, actually. I hope that you, as a bride to make the most of each moment spent with your photographer.

Here’s my ULTIMATE checklist of tips to make the most of your wedding photos for your wedding day!

1. Don’t miss your engagement session.

I think the engagement sessions with your photographer will be a massive benefit to both of you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married for five years or five days; the engagement session is a crucial occasion for you to get to meet your photographer and also for the photographer to meet you. This will allow everyone to feel more at ease with one another during the day of your wedding. Also, your photographer will be practising to get your stunning smile to beam.

2. Time Management:

Avoid tension on your big day, establish A timeline, and begin early. This doesn’t mean that you need to follow it to the last second, but it can let you visualize the wedding day and create a plan. If you plan to buffer your time and plan some extra time between events, you’ll not be rushed and more in the present. Adding 10-15 minutes between events allows for greetings from family and friends, which are sure to be the cause of mail deadlines being pushed to the window. Try to stay aware of your time throughout the day. It’s easy to get lost in the bustle and hustle, but the more you remain in line with your schedule, the better chances for photos you’ll have and perhaps even squeeze in a few enjoyable photos!

3. Making a “First Look”:

The first look is not just an excellent way for you to enjoy some quality moments as a couple during your special day, but it also allows for the creation of gorgeous and intimate photos without having to face a crowd! This can free you up for you to relax before the reception so that you can take your time with your guests and enjoy your wedding!

4. Communication:

Keep in mind that when you engage your photographer, they will probably have a set of photos that have been drilled into their minds as they are required to take in order to make the wedding an enjoyable shoot (well, I do, anyway) for example, mom tying up the dress as well as the photo of the kiss, as well as the dance of first impressions, to just some. To ensure that a unique image you would like to be able to display on your special day, inform your photographer prior to the wedding.

Anything that you don’t wish to be to be photographed on the day of your wedding needs to be discussed well. Perhaps you aren’t a fan of photos from your left or something that is too close or too distant, or you prefer candid images more than ones that are posed at the reception. I guarantee you that both you and your photographer will be happy to discuss these issues prior to the wedding if we are able to take action rather than later on at the time of viewing.

5. Be Yourself & Smile Lots!

There’s a myriad of events happening at your wedding, and many of them might not go according to plan. Don’t let any accidents ruin your day. If anything happens, it’s either forgotten or hilarious twenty years down the road. You do not want your anxious face to be etched into your photographs. Keep your eyes open, smile, and enjoy your day and keep that smile because that’s the thing you’d like to be remembered and how content you felt in one of the most beautiful moments in your lifetime.

I genuinely hope this article encouraged you and even made you feel more enthusiastic for the big day!