Show the Best Side of Sunglasses on Your Websites - Tips to Refine Images

If you’ve ever considered the most frequently used expression, “A picture speaks a thousand words”, and you’re only be scratching the surface of the significance of images. In the context of online marketing, images play a crucial part. The reason is that your prospective purchaser is not able to view the exact product or even feel it in his hands. Therefore, it is essential to take advantage of the images he is presented with on your website. So, it’s essential that the image that you put on your product or on your category page is not just of an excellent standard; it should also communicate an entire message about the product. The image must be prominent as well as free of any unwelcome items, marks, or stains that might hinder visitors from getting an accurate picture of the item.

It’s no surprise that you must perform thorough and professional image editing prior to you publish images online. The most important aspect you must be focusing on is removing the background from being irrelevant. When you share images of your products, the background shouldn’t hinder visitors from taking an excellent view of the product. Backgrounds can be anything that is visible behind the subject that is in focus. Even reflections and shadows could make up a portion in the background.

Are you planning to publish a photo that shows sunglasses on your site? You should pay attention to the effects of reflection and shadows. When you photograph objects with glossy or glass surfaces, reflection is something that isn’t impossible to avoid. This is why you must look for post-processing methods to experiment with these elements and then use them to showcase what you have created in the most favourable lighting.

When you are processing the post-processing of your image, it is essential to focus on refining shadows as well as controlling reflections.

Refining Shadows

When posting pictures of sunglasses online, If you don’t take out the shadows completely, the picture is likely to appear unnatural and dull. The subtle shadows can add an appearance of reality. There are three kinds of shadows you can expect to see when photographing reflective objects. They’re natural shadows, drop shadows and reflective shadows.

Natural shadows can be made by using a lighting source that has a reflection on the other side. Drop shadow. However, it is produced when the object is taken under direct lighting. To give your website image a more real-looking appearance, you can add shadows that reflect. It creates the illusion that the item was placed upon a surface that is reflective prior to being photographed. It’s similar to how a buyer could see the glasses after the salesperson sets them on the countertop with a shiny finish.

If you’d like to erase or modify these kinds of shadows, you’ll be able to quickly do this by creating layers while you edit in Photoshop. Make a limited selection around the frame of the sunglasses and make use of the oval selection to make new curves. Once you’re done, smooth and feather the edges, alter the opacity and then flatten the layers. The shadows now highlight your subject’s essential features.

Controlling Reflections

Controlling reflections of images is an entirely different game as compared to improving shadows. It is essential to consider the lighting conditions and to set them at the time the product was shot.

If backlighting was employed when taking the photo, then post-processing would be relatively easy. This is because backlighting technically is a way of covering imperfections. Make the background pure white, and then de-saturate any spots of light or smudges. Your final photo is now ready.

For items like sunglasses with more reflections, the light used during photo-taking and post-processing must be handled with care; otherwise, your product could look like unprofessional goods. Side lighting can be highly efficient in these situations and requires only the least amount of post-processing.

Metal frame sunglasses can cause problems for photographers, as well as editors of photos. They have to face two reflecting surfaces: glass and metal. To photograph such sunglasses, install two light sources with diffused lighting and then use side lighting for your capture the image. If the light source is side-lit, it doesn’t cause excessive reflections that are harsh and makes it much easier for editing photos. It is possible to remove scratches, marks, or other imperfections with the help of healing and Cloning tools.