Wedding Photography - Contemporary or Classic Style

Special effects

Photographs in black and white are stunning and highly adaptable. They can be easily altered, and professionals can produce stunning outcomes with a bit of effort. As opposed to the coloured images, they are black and white. Photographs can differ in contrast, making the sky appear darker, etc. The flexibility offered by these kinds of images can bring some magic to the photos and make for an incredible piece of art.

Colouring with the hands

Another type of art that is executed at present. What exactly is it? This is done when a single element of a photograph, such as the single rose in your bouquet, is coloured with a brush. This makes it stand out and increases the interest in the photo. This effect is possible using a digital method as well. The photographer you are working with will be able to achieve the same result by changing the colour photo into a black and white image and then letting an area of the photo in the original colour.

Toning and sepia

When photos that are black or white have been processed, they are able to be toned using the colour (pink, blue, green, or purple). In contrast, to create a romantic look, you could make a sepia-coloured print using images in a black and white photograph. If you’re not aware of sepia, it refers to dark red and brown hues.

The blue tone is effective for outside and street scenes, whereas the sepia look is more appropriate for traditional scenes and parks. Last but not least, the metallic effect makes a more striking impression on streets, cafes, wharves and other areas. Additionally, the colour of a picture is dependent on the image itself. Although some photos are better with warm tones, other photos work best with cool tones.


For the appearance of infra-red, the photographer makes use of specially-designed film as well as light. They alter the colour of different things. The green foliage changes to an icy grey, the sky may turn black, and the entire picture may appear soft. What’s the outcome? It is a stunning photo that appears like it’s almost tangible.

But, the experience of infra-red can be a challenge. The photographer you collaborate with won’t be able to see infra-red, and it’s likely that the image won’t come out ideally. But the outcome is well worth the effort. Because of the advancement in technology, talented photographers can make the infra-red effect in a digital way.

The wedding pictures can be enhanced by using special effects that can transform the photo from a good to an amazing one, but they shouldn’t be applied overly. What’s the point of applying lasting effect when one could let the photograph perform the magic by itself.

The final piece of advice

Every wedding should have photos in black and white, but colour photos aren’t to be also missed. When you travel for a long time, you’ll want to keep in mind the colours of the dress and the flowers. Black and white photographs are a great way to highlight the imagination as well as the sensational attraction of particular locations and people.

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