Travel Photography Myanmar

Tourism in Myanmar, still in its early stages, is still quite limited. The majority of visitors will end up selecting from Yangon (formerly named Rangoon), Mandalay, Bagan (the plain that houses many temples) along with Inle Lake (where the men row on one leg in order to keep their hands free to cast the fishing nets). It’s not an issue for first-time visitors, as there are many options to choose from within the vicinity of any of these locations.

The ideal time to trip is in the cold winter months, particularly between November and February. The wet season is usually beginning in late May; it reaches its peak in August and can end at the end of October. The weather is not only hot and humid, but the rains can be sufficient to cause disruptions to travel. Therefore, this isn’t an ideal time to photograph who have a limited amount of time. If you’re able to adopt an approach that is more relaxed, you’ll have the area relatively quiet and can get some striking photos.

When you are deciding on your dates, it’s a good idea for the Full Moon as many religious activities are based upon the calendar of lunar cycles. These opportunities must be taken seriously. Make sure you are an ethical photographer. Wear appropriate attire and make sure that your presence doesn’t disturb any participants or other people watching.


For many, the most memorable part of visiting this city, which is the biggest, is Shwedagon Pagoda, especially if you plan to visit during the afternoon hours and through the night. The majority of people quit their jobs at this time and, as they head back home, will stop at the shrine to shop, enjoy a drink or talk with friends, or even pray. The area is thus crowded with activity on the streets, leading to a myriad of spontaneous opportunities and also the well-known images of the pagoda out across Royal Lake and from closer in the air.

A night like this could be paired with a peaceful morning spent exploring local markets or exploring the different types of architecture that your heart desires.

The entrance to the Ayeyarwady River (formerly known as the Irrawaddy) is located just 40km away and provides an opportunity to view breathtaking waterscapes. These kinds of excursions can be challenging to organize by yourself, but they can be arranged through your hotel or local travel company.


Mandalay is home to a variety of beautiful temples that are interesting to photograph, but the most well-photographed photographically exciting scene is the pedestrian traffic crossing the U-Bein Bridge at sunset. Make sure to allow at least one night for this excursion, but also plenty of opportunities to capture your own unique photos.

It’s worthwhile to plan a visit to the “Snake Temple located in Paleik and not only for the three pythons who sleep there in the vicinity of the Buddha statue, but in addition because of the comparatively unexplored temple ruins that lie within the vicinity.

Three names you can explore are Mahamuni Amarapura, Mahamuni as well as Inwa (also Inn Wa). They all have their own attractions, but it is recommended that you make the most of your time within a neighbourhood to go beyond these and to become familiar with authentic Myanmar.

Certain photographers love the boat trip to Mingun and Mingun, much as the riverside activities, as well as the “Cracked Temple’. If this is your kind of vacation, then try to go to an appearance at the Yadanabon Market, which gets going in the afternoon.


Bagan is a place that needs no introduction. The fact that you’re reading this article probably indicates that you’ve visited this site and would like to go to it.

Bagan is easy to access and is best explored by walking. The weather can be scorching, even in winter. So be sure to wear sunscreen and carry plenty of water should you choose to seek your own viewpoints during the hours of daylight. The early mornings can offer stunning low-level mist as in bright skies; however, it’s well worth it to be in the middle of the day if you are able to keep up with speed. Consider how much your budget can stretch to a balloon ride, as it will be a truly memorable adventure.

A sought-after trip that departs from Bagan can be up to Popa Mountain. There is an old temple here as along with views across the plains. We hope for a spectacular sunset.

It is important to note that Bagan, as well as Mandalay, are linked by an airboat service. The journey is the most enjoyable portion of a whole day but also provides additional photo opportunities.

Inle Lake

The Intha people living in Inle Lake have become famous for their method of leg-rowing because it adds another element to the attractive net-casting style of fishing. The creative possibilities are limitless, so it’s worthwhile to book a session together with the Intha locals (the only way to be close enough and in control of the scene) to catch the last of the afternoon.

A trip to the lake should include time for exploring the lake and the surrounding communities. The local market operates according to a five-day rotation, and you ought to be able to determine which day the most productive is by asking the hotel. It is possible to travel via boat or by land. The number of people in your group, as well as your budget, can influence this decision. Private motorboats could be expensive for a single person, but you may be able to organize a trip that is shorter than a village for an alternative view of the houses on stilts.

The remains that lie to the Indein in the southern part of Lake Indein are well worth visiting, and those who have more space on their hands may want to go to the nearby Nyaung Shwe to record more of the Shan culture.