Short Guide to Selfie Sticks

Selfie sticks haven’t been around for long in the first place; they’ve been around in one form or the other since the 90s since they are basically monopods that have handles. However, the rising popularity of smartphones and cameras, coupled with the intention of recording everything we do with our camera, has resulted in the rise in selfie sticks. They’re actually helpful tools that can be utilized to capture high or low angle photos and can also be used to serve as monopods as well as hiking sticks as well.

There’s no significant difference between the various selfie sticks, which is one of the reasons for their growing popularity. Five things to consider when you are looking for the best one for your camera are:

the compatibility of camera mounts;

its length when folded, as well as its reach;
Remote control capacity
its built-in quality plus load capacity;
as well as specific accessories or applications such as mirrors, secondary mounts and the possibility of shooting underwater.

Mounts that work with cameras are compatible.

It’s useless to have the selfie stick when it’s not able to hold the camera. Fortunately, the majority of models can be used with a standing tripod that has thread sizes in the range of 1/4 “-20. It is also possible to purchase models that are capable of mounting on smartphones as well as a GoPro camera. DSLR, long zoom and point-to-shoot cameras and the larger mirrorless models aren’t able to compete with these selfie sticks because of their bulky and heavyweight.

Remote Control

A majority of the selfie sticks designed for use with smartphones have the remote control to shutter, which allows you to initiate your shot using the handle. A lot of them include a free application that allows you to connect the smartphone to the handle. There are also others that use an onboard wire. Meanwhile, others use Bluetooth technology to enable the cameras to use their handles.

The primary function of the selfie stick is that it allows you to pull your camera out and keep it from your face only in the sense that it encompasses your friends and you and some other elements in the background in order to produce an enjoyable photo. The typical length of these devices is around 35inches, and this is more than is enough to complete these tasks. The maximum size in some instances is set at nineteen inches, giving you more pocket-friendly capabilities. There are other options that may provide a broader range of options or compactness when folded. Although most selfie sticks fold to nearly eight inches, it is possible to find some that can be folded to shorter lengths and so be easy to fit into your purse, pocket or backpack.

Speciality Sticks

If you’re looking to test out a particular software or test your skills as a photographer, you’ll discover a variety of additional devices specifically designed to capture actions in the air or underwater and for taking more smooth shots.

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