Simple Tips for a Successful Photography Contest

Set your goals.

In the beginning, determine the reasons behind your decision to organize the idea of a photo contest. Whatever your goal might be, write your idea in writing and include metrics to be used to track the development.

If, for instance, you are looking to increase traffic, you should consider the number of page views and visitors as the primary measures. If you want to build a community that is engaged, the most important metrics you should consider are the number of registered users, upload images and actions like comments and likes.

Let people know what they want.

Participants join content to take home prizes. So, to encourage participants to win, you should reward the photographer who wins in a way. The cost of prizes need not be expensive. They could be as discount coupons, gift cards or even as easy as acknowledgement. For instance, you can display the image of the winner on your website, even though your profit from the content of their website.

Be smart.

Your contest’s definition is based on this logical acronym, which means:

Specific: Outline the rules of the contest in detail, as well as the duration of the contest and how to announce the winner. Select a topic that you like and ensure that the images are in line with the subject. It should be simple to comprehend to ensure that there aren’t any random images.

Measurable: Find out how the winner is chosen (number of votes or views) and ensure that the rules are apparent right from the beginning. Based on research, the most effective way to increase traffic and engagement is through voting on social networks.

It is possible to snap photos and participate in the photo shoot; more people are able to take part. Also, ensure that your database of users has many people who are able to participate. Also, do not place excessive restrictions in relation to the submission conditions.

Important: Prizes must be something that is worthy and worth the effort of the contestant. Make sure your prize has a direct link to your product or service.

Time: The competition should be held within a predetermined period of time. People can quickly become disinterested or bored if contests are too long. The ideal time frame to attract more contestants can be two weeks.

Awake the Creativity of Your Viewers

People are very imaginative with their camera, Photoshop edit, or even an app grain. Contests for photography allow participants to explore their creative side with fewer limitations imposed upon the contestants. For example, if your contest is sponsored by a company and contestants are required to snap photos of the product, don’t increase the restrictions. If you’re looking to launch your own products, it is possible to let contestants design the poster that will promote the products. You’ll be amazed at the creativeness of contestants.

Make it Viral

Social media allows users to post images. Your contest will benefit from using social networks tools. If you let people vote, for instance, they could communicate their results to their contacts and increase the number of activities and referrals to your contest.

Another way to gain from social media is to allow contestants to participate by uploading photos on Tumblr and Facebook. This makes the process of submitting much more accessible and allows contestants to record the details of their submissions on every feed.