On Photographing Bridal Models

“Wedding photography is one of the hardest damn jobs in photography. Period. End of story.” * Zack Arias, Professional Photographer

There’s a good reason why wedding photographers earn vast amounts of money to film weddings. In addition, we’re looking to employ the most skilled photographers for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion; there are numerous issues that interfere with photography. Because of this, bridal modeling is known as one of the most challenging jobs for models. But they’re always in demand and are paid well. We examine the difficulties faced by photographers as well as the job of bridal models.

Most likely to be inside a lot of the time.

A majority of the places where weddings or wedding photoshoots take place, like churches or indoor venues, aren’t likely to be lit up brightly. Flash lighting is essential, but the standard point-and-shoot light included with the DSLR will not suffice to illuminate the surroundings adequately. This means that an additional flashlight needs to be connected to the camera or the surroundings to bounce off walls. Photographers, therefore, require an accurate sense of the light that comes from many sources and be able to achieve the most natural-looking effect without excessive shadows or glare.

As if the burden of anxiety wasn’t enough, the dress can add an extra pound.

If you are wearing a wedding dress, the first thing to remember is that there will be a lot of eyeballs on you, especially when you’re on an event or runway. Anxiety could be taking over the upper hand, and the dress is heavy to carry around. That means that getting comfortable and smiling is an even more challenging task than one would expect. Photographers must therefore be aware of this and lead when it comes to tasks. They must use words of comfort or humor to induce the model to relax and smile as happy Bridal photos are supposed to be.

In the end, Bridal photography is best when candid images like romantic glances or couples laughing with one another are photographed. It is a different degree of difficulty, as the photographer needs to help the couple to be at ease with one another so that they can create the most beautiful and natural photographs.

There will be people who are challenging to handle.

Kids are just one example, and many others will constantly be at a disadvantage when they seek to connect with one another or, in the case of children who are too active, will cause many challenges in the photoshoot. Photographers need to be patient and also be aware of the challenges.

Time crunch

If you are planning a wedding or a wedding shoot, the majority of the time is spent on putting on makeup and dressing the model in order to make them look stunning. Additionally, one thing that we cannot predict is the weather conditions when shooting outdoors. So, having to be quick and efficient is expected of photographers. In addition to the other demands, being within a deadline is perhaps the most challenging, but it is not the most difficult.


Photography for Bridal is incredibly rewarding when done correctly. However, there is an amount of work involved to achieve the top quality of photographs needed. We hope you are able to comprehend the work involved in Bridal modeling better today!