How to Choose a Location for Your Photo Shoot

If you’re the kind of photographer who, like me, likes working outdoors rather than in studios, the task of selecting the best location is a bit difficult. Naturally, the location you choose is the most important factor in the success of your photography. I will outline some of the fundamental principles you must keep in mind when deciding on the location of a specific spot.

Modify clothing in a way that matches the terrain

A close friend of mine was able to have his entire photograph taken ruined due to his model straining her ankle when she walked in high heels on a beach that was pebbled. While it might make it to certain people, for others, it isn’t. It is important to evaluate the location thoroughly and instruct your models according to the situation. If you are heading toward the sea, you need to travel through a low shrubby belt, and you must make sure your models are appropriately dressed to shield themselves from potential injuries. Also, should you traverse a river, make sure that you and your models are wearing non-slip runners. Additionally, a basic aid kit is likely to be extremely useful.


Based on the kind of shoots that you are planning, this will affect the level of privacy that you expect from a specific site because the majority of sites are public, and privacy is minimal. However, if you look and explore the numerous locations that are available, you’re bound to discover a couple of intimate scenes that are suited to your particular photo shoot topics.

A side note It is of paramount importance to give your models a place to change their outfits between sets.


The timing of your photoshoot can be difficult, especially in places that are visited by many people. Find out if you’re working during the morning, mid-afternoon, or evening. Alongside the quality of light you’re searching for, and it’s recommended that you choose a time where your focus is not as busy. You and the models are easily distracted by other activities that are happening in the background and thus not performing at the best shot. Additionally, regardless of the effort you make to stay clear of subjects in the background while shooting, when you return to the office, you’ll notice that, at times, ahead will show up in the background. With a bit of caution and focus, the amount of work required to edit your photos later on, could be significantly decreased.


Is the location accessible via walking, plane, or car? This is crucial since it determines the kind of equipment needed. It is essential to bear in mind that the harder it becomes to reach an area, the higher the cost is likely to increase. I can recall a time we were forced to use horses to reach an area. We could get there on foot or in a vehicle. To get the most of it in terms of both use and cost, we made use of the opportunity and even included horses in a few shots as well! If you’re restricted in your budget, it is important to evaluate the location thoroughly to determine whether it’s possible or not.


One important thing to keep to be aware of is some locations are protected under copyright and require special permits to shoot your photos. In both instances, you must get your permits approved prior to taking any further steps. Some permits will be easy to obtain, while some may be more difficult.

To summarize, To maximize the benefits of your area, you must examine the area with precision months and weeks in advance. By planning ahead, you can save time and disappointments.