The Many Benefits of Photography

With the correct Canon EOS and vision, photography can make your life better. Below are some of the many benefits of cultivating a passion for photography.

Photography, due to its nature and to a certain extent, offers immortality.

Don’t think about it…look at the many old photos that your Mom or Grandmom kept around. I have a photo within my cupboard of a newlywed couple from 1911, and I don’t know who it is. (No, cousin Ann, I’m not going to find out).

It has their names on it on the back, but I’m not certain where they were within the tree of the family were they. I like it because it’s amazing. They were so rigid and well-dressed back then…sure it’s different than the way we shoot such natural photos nowadays. Personally, I will be immortalized with laughter or just smiling in a lot of pictures.

Photography can be a way to document your life’s journey.

From childhood photos through your child’s photos to the pictures of your grandchild. From the very first smile to the beginning steps to the first date of your life can be recorded and kept.

Photography is a way to capture intimate moments that otherwise would be lost forever.

Numerous times I’ve…and most likely you will as well if you take a moment to consider it…noticed an element in the picture which wasn’t evident when I was taking the picture. Sometimes it’s just a smile on a child’s face, the arm of a lover, or something that could be lost forever if not captured at that exact moment.

That’s why, no matter the child saying, “Puhleeeese, I’m disgusted with you taking these photos that aren’t worth taking,” or the feeling of love the same “connectedness” immediately at the instant, they both are encapsulated for all time. Captured…never to be forgotten.

Photography is a wonderful relief from stress.

Really, how long can you focus on the tense issue at hand when you shift your attention instead to the flowers of bloom or the wings of butterflies, the elegant lines of a mountain, or the dimples of a happy baby? Take a step ahead…take an oath prior to and after spending only 30 minutes focused on taking the perfect photo. You’ll be amazed by the changes.

To improve overall health, simply rinse and repeat the process often. It’s okay; I’m telling you that this problem will not go away. It’ll be there until you’re ready to begin worrying once more. (Hint Don’t forget…those imperfect photos aren’t necessarily perfect either.).

Photography stimulates your imagination.

My mother-in-law is an accomplished photographer, and her talent for taking pictures of the children is what led her (slowly) towards a career as a photographer. She is awed by finding and replicating these creative poses of the newborn that appears to hang from the ceiling. She also enjoys having a couple in her presence and designing romantic ways for their loved ones to be displayed. This has sparked my own creative thinking as I assist her in coming up with (hopefully slightly unique) ideas. One day, for instance, I was walking along an avenue with lots of random cracks. Also, the sun was directly behind me, casting my shadow in the direction. We were discussing over the phone ways to record this particular couple and their strong union. I also mentioned cracks everywhere around them (symbolizing life all around). However, in regards to their shadows, they were strong (in terms of the cracks that began outside of the contours of the bodies). This was a way to show the strength of their union and also how life could not “crack” the couple.

A career in photography is feasible for anyone with love for photography.

There are those who earn money (some very well) by being a photographer. Imagine if every photo you’ve taken, whether on a billboard or in an issue of a magazine or even on the television, was shot by somebody. There are classes, schools, or books as well as websites that can teach you more than I can ever explain to you. Remember that you’ve got all of your life ahead of you. Why not try to get an occasional job in the meantime?

Photography is an amazing natural, safe, and secure self-esteem boost.

My 14-year-old daughter is awestruck by the feeling of pride that she feels when she snaps pictures of her family and friends. The pictures come out great. When she downloads them and looks at them on her computer, she’s in heaven. Of course, she is thrilled to share these with acquaintances. She’s also very attractive to the camera, which is a self-esteem booster.

Photography can help you get closer to your spirituality.

Be amazed by the wonders of nature. No matter if your faith is that there is a God or not can feel a tingle at the beauty around you. It is difficult not to realize how small you are while experiencing how huge everything else around you is.

Photography can help you notice things that you might not be able to.

When I am looking at something that I cannot possibly see into consideration every detail that’s within my sight, for example, a stunning sunset lasts only a few minutes, and I might not be able to see all the aspects of how hues play with the water (I reside in a coastal town). Additionally, the sand (such an easy thing) transforms in appearance as the sun goes down. These are all clearer in a photograph, and I can focus on the whole picture while being confident that the components won’t disappear forever.

Photography can preserve fresh images, as well as resurrect memories from years ago.

Consider the wife or husband that has lost a partner. Or the child who has lost a parent. With photos, not only do they be confident of not remembering their loved ones’ faces, but they can also be able to remember (many times) precisely the events that transpired the moment that photo was taken and thereby preserving the memory for eternity.

These are just some of the many numerous benefits of photography. They are numerous enough that they are difficult to include in a single article.