Tips for Maternity Photos

Photographs are how we record memories and memorable moments of our lives. Naturally, you’ll be taking hundreds of pictures of your new child when he or she is born. What happens in the months prior to? Maternity photos appear to be trending upwards. However, I believe it’s more than that. It is also a special moment in the life of a mother and requires the (photographer’s) attentiveness as every other.

While this time of year is full of hormones as well as morning sickness, it’s crucial to pick the perfect time to take advantage of this precious moment. Based on the size of the mom’s belly is aimed for between 6 and 8 months. You’ll definitely be likely to be noticing the belly in all of its beauty. However, you don’t want your mother to be bloated and full of gas. You must find a balance between the baby’s size and beautiful motherhood. This line of distinction is unique for each soon-to-be mommy.

The main focus is obviously the belly! It’s a gorgeous baby developing inside, and that’s the essence of motherhood you want to capture. Mothers are the second most important, and the father is the third. You should be able to get all three of them in various ways. The first one isn’t possible without the second and third.

As a proponent of simplicity, I recommend using only black and white as your background or wardrobe. White creates a more pure and natural look that is perfect with a newborn. Black is a great contrast to skin tones and silhouettes. Here is a selection of poses/compositions as well as their backgrounds to try out. You are free to play around and alter your composition to show the true splendor of the subject.

1.) The Belly

You can try silhouettes of your belly against black backgrounds. I suggest a belly that is bare; however, when your mother’s modest and modest, a white shirt could work as well. Include the father and mother’s hands to the belly, or clasped, one over the other, or creating the shape of a “heart” around the abdomen. You could also add other props, like a baby’s dress or minimal booties that can be used to refer to the child in the near future.

2.) The Mother

Light colors and soft light can truly bring a feeling of purity and divineness to a photograph that captures the bond between mother and child. I recommend white on black or white on black to concentrate specifically on the belly. Consider poses where the mother gazes at her belly while holding her hands tied around the belly. Allow the mother to explore different postures; this isn’t the first time she’s thought about the new life that is growing within her.

3.) The Father

Dad was involved in this as well and shouldn’t be overlooked. Try photos of him with her belly, or in a more private way, kissing her belly or placing his ear against it to see if he can detect the beat of her heart. There is also the “family photo.” Make sure that the mother is wearing a dress that exposes her belly!

In the event that the birth gender of the infant is determined and you know the gender, you can use appropriate colors. The mother should paint her nails blue/pink or wrap a ribbon to wrap around the belly as an offering from God (you could even add some to/from tags to make it more appealing). The most important thing is to enjoy it and to try to create your individuality. Every baby, pregnant, and the couple is unique, and you should show it off! It’s as easy as any other photography session. Simply keep the basic principles in your head.