Wedding Photography Style Traditional, Contemporary and Documentary

When you are looking to hire a wedding photographer, you should consider a crucial concern “what kind of wedding photography do we prefer?”

It’s true that photographers sometimes bewilder people with the use of jargon – particularly when discussing our different types of photography like traditional reportage, contemporary documentary, photojournalistic, and so on. Therefore, we’ve listed the three that are available at present. Of course, there are photographers who have hybrids that mix elements of all three styles, but the majority provide a single style of photography.

Hope this article helps you choose the type of photography you want to use during your wedding.

Traditional Wedding Photography

This is a look you are all familiar with. Well-posed photos of groups that range from the entire guest list down to wedding guests and the couple. The images will be more classic than modern, so don’t anticipate unusual shots like jumping or running, for instance. This type of photography was all there was before the advent of digital photography. It’s reasonable to say that it’s a less popular design these days. While not wanting to be stereotyped, this style it’s more popular by the older generations, while younger couples tend to choose a more modern style.

Documentary, Journalistic, or even Reportage Wedding Photography

This type of wedding photography isn’t new as an all-purpose photographic style; however, it is relatively unfamiliar to photographers of weddings. It is more informal contrasted with traditional wedding photography since the photos are likely to involve minimal or no interaction with the groom, bride, or other guests, as the primary objective is to record the wedding day as it unfolds. Don’t expect formal poses when you shoot in this kind of style since it’s focused on capturing your wedding day as naturally as you can. Photographers will strive to be as discrete as they can, and that will result in the avoiding of flash photography, too. If done correctly, this style creates the most emotive and natural-looking photography. Albums made using this technique are captivating and addicting.

Modern wedding photography

The style is somewhere in between the traditional bridal photography style and styles of reportage, and in many ways, it can be considered to be a mix of the two styles, and the only real styles are the traditional and reportage. The reason it is a style is that it is a way to get the traditional group photos that are posed, but with a more playful and modern posing style. In most cases, the photographer will search for unique ways to utilize locations and settings for the arrangement of the photograph and will take advantage of the inclination of the groom and bride to come up with something special. The photographer will try for unusual and unique perspectives to set them apart from being traditional. Most of the time, in addition to contemporary poses, photographers incorporate a reportage style of photography to create an album that tells the story of the wedding day. The photographer also has to take longer editing the photographs in post-production so as to give the final album the maximum impact.