Do You Need a Photographic Assistant - 3 Ways to Get an Assistant Without Paying an Extra Dime

Are you in awkward situations where you are unable to handle all of your photography equipment and reflectors efficiently or guide the model correctly? Do you always require an extra hand when you shoot outdoor photos? I’m sure you’re not the only photographer to be in this kind of scenario. Perhaps it’s time to think about hiring a photographer assistant.

You are in love with the idea. However, you don’t want to increase the cost of your trip. I couldn’t be more in agreement with you. What if I said that it is a breeze to get accomplished without adding any additional costs? What I’d like to offer you is some tips on getting that extra pair of helping hands without spending additional money.

A Model’s Connection

It is a rule of thumb that for models who are over 18 years old, i.e., an adult, they are able to travel alone. In contrast, it is a normal procedure that models bring along an acquaintance. It could be a sibling or brother or just an acquaintance. Someone who is a model may consider it uplifting to have someone to help her. However, there’s more to the experience. While you are shooting, you could be politely asking someone to provide you with the reflector, flash, or other equipment for photography. As a result, this photographer would be happy to be playing an active role in the photography session. This will make the individual feel like he’s a part of the group instead of just a spectator.

A Student

Another option to get assistance is to talk to an individual student. Students who are new to photography will be happy to accept your invitation with no hesitation. It’s a great way to increase their knowledge and expertise in their particular subject. The benefit of having a student assist you is that likely; he already has experience with photography equipment and shoots.

Simple phone contact with one of the local societies for photography would be much more than useful in passing on the names of students who are keen to collaborate with you. It’s a win-win both for the student and you.

A Hair Stylist or Makeup Artist

It is likely that models would need makeup artists and hairstylists. I strongly believe that hair and makeup be performed by professional stylists to shoot photos. There are times when models would apply their hair and makeup, but generally, it’s not the norm. A majority of the time, makeup artists are present throughout the entire photoshoot to assist the model with making any necessary adjustments. Because of the nature of outdoor photography, the model is exposed to natural elements like wind and sun. An on-site makeup artist is essential in all situations.

What’s in it for photographers? There is an extra pair of hands to help to assist you when you’re photographing. The benefit of having an experienced makeup artist is that they’re able to offer that little bit of assistance, if needed, without a lot of effort. This is all due to their years of experience working with photographers.