Cheap Or Free DSLR StabilizationSteadicam Tricks

What are the alternatives for those who aren’t willing or unable to spend the money for a stabilizer of a lower-end model like The Merlin Steadicam or the El-cheapo DIY models on eBay? Shoot everything cinema-verite way and cause everyone an issue? There are some cheap or free methods to take steady photos both in post-production as well as during production.

Poor Man’s Steadicam Locate the sweet spot in your Gravity.

Handheld stabilization systems employ counterweights to can help balance the weight of the camera, allowing them to “float.” Contrary to what many believe, this isn’t the gyroscope that’s found on certain models that smoothes out the picture; It’s the weights. The gyroscope would not be useful without weights. The tiny size of digital cameras allows the similar counterweight principle to work with any tripod that is lightweight without the need for weights whenever you’re in the middle of a crisis.

Be aware that if you’re using a large lens and mounted monitor or that it is heavy on the camera’s body; this won’t be a good idea. Also, you’ll need a lightweight tripod, or more importantly, a monopod with a lightweight design for this to work without being fatigued and tired when carrying the camera.

Begin by mounting your camera onto the tripod or monopod like you normally. Then move your index finger as though you were pointing towards an individual and place the tripod/monopod on it, swiveling the tripod upwards and downwards until it’s perfectly balanced and resting upon your finger. (For security reasons, move over the couch or bed to avoid falling over the camera.) It is possible to raise the monopod or tripod leg(s) to accommodate heavier cameras in order to get them balanced. After you’ve got it in balance, you should note the exact location where your finger meets the monopod or tripod. Use gaff tape or another marking device to mark the spot, depending on what you prefer.

Then, straighten the camera and tripod just like you’re ready to film and hold it in exactly the same place in which it was stable while it was resting on your finger. For the best results, make sure to hold it gently using your index and thumb middle fingers, not with your entire hand. You are now able to move around while shooting or jump around and down so that your shots are incredibly smooth and stable. It’s a bit of work to ensure that you are straight, but the technique works once you get a grasp of it.

Let Your Software Repair It

Much less expensive than the majority of hardware stabilization systems, there are third-party plug-ins that you can use with the video editing software. It is not necessary to use these devices if you’re skilled in using tools such as Track Motion in After Effects; however, for a quick and simple solution, they’re the best. Some of the most popular include Mercalli from proDAD and New Blue’s Stabilizer, that cost between $99 and $200, depending on the configuration (standalone or as a plugin). A second option is the free Deshaker, which is compatible with Virtualdub.

To install, just select the program in your effect folder, then drop it on the video you wish to stabilize. Each plugin lets you modify settings, and you’ll be required to tweak every clip until you achieve an outcome you are happy with. Stabilization after post-production typically requires some zooming to get rid of the blurred black border that is created by the process. The image will be affected little by adding a touch blurring. However, the smoother image is quite impressive to see and generally more than the slight decrease in resolution.

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