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If you’re a photographer and photography, you’re aware of the difficulty it can be to make an important choice about the equipment you choose. The Canon Rebel series now offers two compelling models for potential buyers, and buyers are looking at pros, costs, pros, and features and are confused about which model they should buy. This article will do the best we can to guide you with information, advice, and insight and hopefully help make the process of making a decision slightly less…stressful.

Round 1 The Price Tag

According to Amazon.com, The Canon Revel T2i is valued at around $677. You can purchase it on their site for this price. The more recent, naturally more expensive model, called the Tt3i, is currently available for sale at its retail-sale price of $799.99-or almost $800.

How does it apply to you? For those who are new in your area, you don’t have reason to splash out to get the same quality product as Canon’s T2i. If you’d like to test it out and do not feel like spending this much, it is possible to score a great bargain on a used model on auction sites such as eBay.com.

Round 2 Resolution

Both models have remarkable revolutions, particularly in comparison in comparison to 15.1 megapixels in the original T1i models (which in the scheme of things is quite very high.) However, the Canon T3i and The Canon T2i go over the threshold with their respective 18 megapixels. I guess it’s washing in that department.

Third Round: The Flash

The Canon T3i has won in the field of flash. It comes with a flash pop-up feature which its predecessor extremely benefited from.

Round 4 The Video

Canon T2i Canon T2i features some pretty appealing video features like impressive video quality and a higher rate of frames. But, the Canon T3i offers similar specifications and thirty frames every second. This is more than the predecessor, which operates with a decent 24-frames per second. In this particular field, the latest model, you get higher quality results, and the Canon Rebel t3i takes this cake.

Additionally, the T3i comes with a stunning LCD screen for video recording that adds more.

Who will win this contest?

Like most product comparisons, there is no answer except cut and dry/black and A or B. The most suitable option is contingent on your specific requirements and the circumstances. If you are looking for a robust and affordable solution that fits your budget and initial needs, you should consider a model older with comparable specs like the Rebel T2i model from Canon if you’re looking for the absolute best of the best in wireless flash control, as well as other modern features, this Canon Rebel T3i the best choice for you. It’s all about how you use it preference, personal preferences, and preferences at the end of the day!