Why Consider Using a Nikon Digital Camera

I can remember the time the first time digital cameras began to make an appearance. They were expensive and a small amount unreliable and appeared to be a bit over the top. When I realized this, I realized Kodak, one of the longest-running camera makers, actually was developing these cameras, and I realized that they were the wave of the future, and they were here to remain. Over the last few years, the digital photography industry has significantly improved and has surpassed film cameras, both in the SLR and compact camera markets. No matter if you’re a professional photographer or photojournalist or simply snapping photos of family or friends, today, people are likely to use cameras that are digital.

Since then, prices have dropped dramatically, ensuring that a quality digital camera is accessible to a lot of amateurs. At the same time, personal computers as well as high-quality inkjet printers have become common and incorporated the hardware needed to edit and print your own photographs. It is difficult to overemphasize the advantages of quickly having the ability to examine the photo and, if needed, remove it and then return it. You no longer have to buy film, after which you are able to take it to a store or even send it off to be processed. Digital images are able to be edited and shared online quickly, and you just have to print the ones you choose.

If someone has already acquired the SLR camera, then purchasing digital cameras should be all to be done since careful decision-making will ensure that your lenses can be interchangeable. Nikon offers a great selection that includes digital cameras. I’d like to draw your attention to these three. All of them are compatible with many Nikkor lenses.

The Nikon D3100 is an entry-class DSLR camera that works well with those who are moving up from compacts; the recently announced D5100 is a top mid-priced DSLR that delivers outstanding performance. The most modern among the three would be that of the “prosumer” Nikon D 7000.

Let me summarize some of the great reasons digital photography is now popular, and fans have been embracing it with such enthusiasm.

1. No film at all is required.

This is probably the main reason why the majority of people today prefer to purchase digital cameras, even if they are priced a little higher than a conventional film camera. The film, in addition to processing costs, adds up, so the digital camera could be more affordable in the long run. Do not worry about the film being dwindling and dreaming you’ll put another one in your bag or in your pocket. Memory cards that are large are inexpensive to buy, and the space can be cleared by deleting pictures that are no longer required.

2. Instant review facility to modify the print, delete or perhaps erase yourself.

If you are unhappy with the way the image came out, you are able to take it back and edit it before publication or posting. In addition, you only print the photos that you are absolutely delighted with. This will certainly save the family and your members time as well as money and materials. Some photographers further reduce costs by purchasing inks and then charging their inkjet printer cartridges with ink.

Are these sufficient motives to seriously consider switching to digital photography?

Lesley Corsini has been a passionate photographer for the past 20 years. For more details on Nikon D 3100, click here. Nikon D 3100, be sure to read the D3100’s review.