Picking the Best Beach Art Prints

There are a lot of choices out there for picking the right artwork for your vacation home or your beach home. Art prints from the beach can bring an air of dreamy quality to your home and will help your holiday home to be a haven that is a true sanctuary, peace, and peace. When selecting artwork, there are specific questions that you need to ask. Let’s look at some of the most important ones:

What is the process used by the photographer to create the image?

There are some specific components in this article. One is related to artistic vision and talent, and the other one is related to the specific medium in which the print is created.

In the beginning, you should select images that trigger certain emotions. Every picture you place on your wall should make you appear as if there’s a story behind it. If you’re unable to envision the narrative, then it’s not the one you’re searching for.

It is also important to choose an image that gives you an ethereal feel. It is largely due to the layout of the photo. However, it also has an impact on the process of creating the print.

Does the print employ an approach that emphasizes beach art?

Digital images aren’t great beach art. Sure, a camera with a digital sensor can take decent photos of a beach scene, and if the photographer is skilled, the image can look beautiful. But in the context of beach art, where you’re trying to convey a particular emotion, digital prints aren’t able to do the subject justice.

There are artists out using the Polaroid process to make their prints. This technique really adds to the nostalgic, alien-like feel. They begin with real big-format (8×10) Polaroids. They then use those photos and make a bigger print of the original. They tear films from Polaroid and then rub the negative over the watercolor paper to make the print.

The dream-like quality is something that nothing but improving the image, cropping, Photoshopping, or editing can achieve in print.

Does the print add interest to the space, or is it a way to define it?

This is a vital aspect to consider. It is important to select the beach art prints early during the decorating process. The best artwork draws people in, and the beach art prints aren’t any different. It is important to ensure that the artwork you choose to use is compatible with the rest of the space and, in cases of stunning artwork, ensure that the room complements the artwork.

In this regard, it is important to take some time to think about lighting, placement frames, the circulation of traffic within the space, and seating arrangements. A beautiful beach art print can add something unique to any room. When properly placed in the space, it could increase the sense of calm, peace, and rejuvenation that your house on the beach is supposed to bring to you.

Matt Schwartz is one of the most renowned photographers of beach art. He has had his work included in W magazine, Nylon, NY Magazine, Daily Candy, as well as a myriad of other design and fashion blogs. Anthropologie bought a handful of images to display in their 95 stores. Levis purchased 10 of my more large photographs to put in their stores in Malibu. Matt’s beach art has been bought from New York, Australia, Brazil, as well as a few other places in Europe. Catherine Zeta-Jones embellished her dressing room with Matt’s art prints while she appeared in A Little Night Music.