Bring Your Photography To Life With Stunning Video Slideshows

I’d like to share my secret.

It’s an exploration of how I transform images to life through the creation of professional video slideshows that appear like they were worth hundreds of dollars.

The secret to my success is I’m not an expert in editing videos. I’m adamant that any person is able to create videos of their very own by using the website for online video creation that I utilize.

My secret’s Animoto.

There. I have said it. And I have to admit that I feel better because of it!

When I first began on these channels, I was hesitant to share this secret from the world because I was afraid that people would want to leave and create these videos themselves rather than pay me to make them!

I’ve realized since that my fear was incorrect and that the job I am doing is safe…phew.

The majority of people don’t want to spend time and money creating their own videos. The majority of people don’t care about how the videos are created… the majority simply would like one created just for them!

However, there is a particular segment of people I believe would want to learn to make the videos themselves. This group of people is known as…photographers.

I can now appreciate the value of Animoto videos for photographers, who are more likely to create videos with their own photographs than the average “normal” user. It’s not that photographers aren’t ordinary people, but of course.

The ability to create your own creative space and be able to leave and combine your photos in a slideshow featuring emotional background music is sure to be popular with many photographers.

How to Create Your Personal Video Slideshows

Animoto videos are made online. Log into your account and upload images by dragging and dropping them onto the screen.

Add your personal message and pick a background track from their massive royalty-free music library.

This is the greatest thing about these videos…the photos are flipped to match the music. You’ll be viewed as an expert when they see how incredible the videos appear!

After you’ve added your images along with text and music You hit “Done” after which Animoto automatically produces your movie.

It’s that easy and does not cost much also. I’ve seen professional-looking videos on photographer websites, which have clearly cost hundreds of dollars. They should have known about my secret!

3 Strategies To Make Use Of Your Video

Here are some excellent ways to use professional video slideshows with your photographs.

1. Display your work

A slideshow of videos can be a fantastic opportunity for someone who isn’t familiar with your photography to gain an idea of the finest work in a matter of minutes. They really create a fantastic impression and will be more entertaining for visitors rather instead of having to browse through your portfolio photo by photo.

2. Social networks

No matter if you’re a professional or just an amateur, you’ll be capable of sharing your videos online. Simply upload your video on YouTube or post the URL on Facebook and a lovely viral effect will occur as people share your content with their acquaintances.

3. Make money from the videos

Many photographers prefer to present their clients (from the wedding or senior photoshoot, etc.) with an online slideshow of their photographs. They offer their customers the video at no cost when they upgrade to the premium version.

The clients are often amazed by the film that upgrading to the premium version is a simple choice.

It’s A Wrap

Here’s the deal an easy and quick method to create your own thrilling video slideshows and utilize them to promote your photos visibly.

There are many ways you can utilize video to showcase your photography. The possibilities for video are endless.

If you decide to create your own videos, or you decide to pay an expert like myself to create videos on your behalf, hope that this article has given you some fresh ideas floating around in your mind!