Holiday Portraits The Good, the Bad and the Funny

If your holiday photos appear slightly stale each year, it could be the time to rethink the way you approach them.

Try some new and new ideas that are out of the box to create unforgettable photos that will last throughout the season. It doesn’t matter if you’re showing off your child in a congratulatory card, creating invitations for a birthday celebration, or posing for an official family photo there are many new and exciting things you can try to make your photos memorable.

Find out some helpful tips here If you’re looking to embark on the streets for a festive and fun photography session this holiday season. We’ve prepared for you with the best suggestions, some not-so-good, and even some hilarious ideas for the four of our most loved holidays.

Winter Holiday Portraits

The winter months can bring numerous family photos- which can cause stress for families during the best season. Consider a fresh method of taking winter photos this year, which will keep everyone happy.

The Benefit The Best: Snap a closer-up of your child or your family decorating the Christmas tree and light on the Hanukkah menorah. Be sure to get an image of your child placing the star on top of the tree!

The Bad Red Sweater Fest – the kind aunt Mildred knitted for her whole family in the past five years.

The Fun The Funny: A red nose and antler headband for Fido. Better yet, it could be for Dad.

Birthday Photos

Birthday pictures give you a great reason to take pictures of your growing child. Include these photos as a birthday invitation card to make personalization.

The Best: Get wild with your colors. This is a great opportunity to play with vivid colors for your clothes and decorations, as well as cake or gifts that are iced The more props you can use for this photo the more impressive. The focus is on the birthday girl or boy and you can make them be attentive with fun images.

The Bad The Bad: A photo of your child’s birthday featuring your child’s favorite cartoon character. This type of picture won’t last long since one day the character will be featured the next, and the next day it will be gone.

The Funny: A cute boy playing and eating his cake for his first birthday.

Halloween Shots

Halloween is a holiday often overlooked in the context of photographs of the holiday, but it’s a time when you can have the most creative photos.

The Good Photo of all the kids dressed in their costumes for Halloween. Props and makeup are essential to these!

The Bad The Bad: Anything that has been swollen. Keep the costumes adorable or funny; avoid the disgusting.

The Fun The Funny: A pet pops out of a terrifying jack-o-lantern.

Valentine’s Day Pictures

When love is in the air, it’s the perfect time for photos of your loved ones during the holiday season. Take your honey out and begin making memories.

The Good: A backs-to camera photo of the two of you extending your arms and looking each other in the eye with a view that creates the outline of a heart.

The bad: Any image made right after a significant collision. It’s not necessary to record that momentous moment.

The Fun: Give your loved one a cute kiss while you slurp on some kisses from Hershey’s.

Do not be afraid to experiment with new approaches in the realm of holiday photos. The more opportunities to showcase that beautiful face you can do, the more appealing it!