Take Your Own Christmas Card Photos

A professional photographer to get your Christmas card pictures taken is often an unnecessary expenditure of time and cost. If you’re an amateur photographer doing your own photos of your family and friends at Christmas might be the ideal option!

Get Out Your Camera

To make your own Christmas family photos, first of all, have a camera that you can take pictures using. A majority of people use the primary point-and-shoot digital camera. Today’s technology means that most digital cameras can provide decent-quality images. If you want professional-looking images, D-SLR cameras are the best way to take them. DSLR cameras allow you to adjust the numerous settings, which results in more appealing photographs. Manual cameras for D-SLR are expensive, but cameras somewhere between a point & shoot digital camera and a D-SLR are great choices to consider! If you’re not experienced in using the D-SLR camera is recommended to do some research before the photoshoot to learn the basics of lighting aperture as well as ISO and f-stop. This might seem intimidating initially, but you’ll learn the ropes after a few times! If you are not confident, you have the option of shooting the picture in Automatic.

What to Wear

Depending on the theme you’re planning to celebrate this Christmas, make sure your family members wear clothes that are in line with the theme or color scheme. However, this doesn’t mean everyone needs to dress in the same hue or wear the same Christmas sweater or dress as The Partridge Family (unless you’re looking to). Wearing outfits that are similar typically conveys an impression of cohesion and unity. From a visual artistic standpoint, color combinations that work well produce better-looking photographs. Plan ahead and select your outfit before you go! A side note: avoid wearing reds. Red is the most popular color for Christmas. However, it’s a hue that doesn’t photograph well.

Location, Location, Location

The second important aspect is where you will make your photograph. The best quality photos are created when the light is natural. Natural light is the most effective on our skin, creating beautiful and healthy-looking subjects. Look up your forecast for the weather to see if you can find a perfect day when the sun is shining as well as the temperature is suitable. The best locations for taking photos can be as simple as in your own backyard or at a nearby park, or at a local landmark. If you’re planning to shoot your pictures indoors, be sure that you have sufficient artificial light. Remember that the more light you have, the more quality and the smoother your images will appear.

Patience and Tweaking

One of the most important things to keep in mind is, to be honest when you make your own Christmas card pictures. Based on what size your family is, the number of children in your family, as well as your photography skills, you may require a couple of hundred shots before you can have 10-20 photos to choose from. Remember that even professional photographers need to have a minimum of 10-15 photos to get a good photo. After you have taken some high-quality photographs, it’s in your best interest to alter them by altering the hue, contrast, and other aspects by using Photoshop or a basic photo program.

The idea of taking family Christmas card pictures can be an excellent way of bonding as a family. Make sure you have some fun photos you can pass around to your family. Take some funny photos to use as blackmail. Remember to have fun!