Wedding Planning - Optimise Your Wedding Photography Investment

Timings and planning are vital in planning your wedding. The timings you plan for the photographer for your wedding are crucial to maximizing the value of your photography and investment. It is something that you need to manage micro to a certain extent.
Professional photographers with years of experience should be able to plan their timings like a second-nature thing; since the light direction changes based on the season, the sunset timings vary, as do the moon and tides along with the duration of darkness. This is another sign of how experienced the photographer you hire is. If the photographer you’re hiring does not provide specific details about timings, it is essential to express an issue about the photographer. The timings of the critical events must be incorporated with the photographer to make sure you are getting the most value from the wedding photos.

Your timings must include

1. Bridal Preparations Photographer’s arrival time.

At a minimum, you need to have one hour of coverage for photography
2. Time is taken to travel starting from Bride place to Groom location

3. Groomsmen’s preparations or waiting for locations for shooting timing

If the photography is taken while your Groom prepares, you will need to leave 1 hour for the photography. The photographer and Groom should allow enough time to get to the Ceremony venue and arrive at least one hour prior to the ceremony commencing. In the event that the Groom is present at the location of the Ceremony, the photographer must arrive at least an hour prior to the commencement of the ceremony time. This allows them time to capture Groom and his groomsmen. The Groom, along with the Groomsmen and also verifies the ceremony location.
4. Bride’s arrival time

The photographer must be in line at the point you can drive up to
5. Time for the ceremony to begin and end

6. Group shots begin and end at different times.

Travel time

7. Time of Location Photography between and to

Travel time
8. Reception time, the time they want that you will be present to get in or to enjoy drinks before the reception.

It is possible to shift your ceremony date either forward or backward by half an hour, but make sure you get 1 hour of photography time between the moment you arrive at your photo place. Make sure you have enough time to make it to the reception in time. The venue must be aware of when you will arrive. This is important for some limousine companies because there are some that don’t have time-contingencies and must relocate after your reservation. I’ve witnessed weddings that were late, and the limo service had no time limit, so there was no photography on location following the wedding. The best way to organize the wedding timetable is to capitalize on your photography and to make sure you’re not running out of light, time, or either is, to begin with, the sunset time and then work in reverse. A lot of people don’t think about the actual travel time, which can cause problems for their plans.


1. Time of reception, in this scenario, could have to be 630pm.

It is at this point that you must hire vehicles until
2. Time to travel to reception 20min to 30min

The most efficient method to estimate the travel time is to use Whereis or Google Maps. Maps
Also, consider whether there will be a high traffic or road construction
3. Sunset – 6 pm

4. Location Photography – 5 pm to 6 pm

5. Time to travel from the Ceremony Venue to Photography Location – 430pm until 450pm

6. Family and Friends Group shots from 3 pm until 4.30 pm for big groups

7. Best Ceremony Time: 300pm for a 30-minute ceremony

8. Photographer and Groom’s arrival time at Ceremony location – 130pm

9. Time to travel from Bridal Preparation to the wedding location – 1 pm to 130pm

10. Bridal Preparation Photography – 12 pm to 1 pm

Bridesmaids should be dressed and ready at 12 pm.
The bride is expected to receive the final touches to her makeup
Hairstylists and makeup artists should be informed to finish their work by this time, for example, 12 pm, and no exceptions. Delays will just continue throughout the day, affecting everyone and all other things. If they are late, you’ll be unable to make the most of your photography preparation and will not get many good photos.
Wedding photographers who are professional within their package will automatically determine timings that are the most effective, maximizing the photography package you have purchased. They must take all factors into consideration, as well as weather that is several days before your date and tides (if appropriate) and sunset, as well as the moon’s phase. This is to ensure you are stress-free or unhurried day. You can enjoy a relaxing day.

Mark Klumper, Award-winning professional wedding photographer. Located in Brisbane, Australia. Twenty years of experience in the industry. Owner and principal photographer of Xpose’s Wedding Photography.