Why The Canon Rebel EOS T3i Was On My Christmas Wish List!

Christmas arrived earlier for me in the year when my wife gave me a Canon Rebel EOS for my birthday. I’m not a camera expert; instead, I’m a busy father who loves to snap photographs. This is my amateur viewpoint regarding this Canon camera. I am addicted to photography. Obsession, and just as a photographer, I carry my camera with me everywhere. I also enjoy taking it out at the perfect moment to record those precious moments. My wife delighted me with the Canon Rebel T3i for Christmas. To our delight, it really created WOW pictures. I was very impressed by the following elements ……..


Like a typical male, I decided to throw out the menu at first, then understand the functions, but Canon surprised me with its ease of use and ability to use menus. The Canon Rebel T3i camera is incredibly accommodating when you shoot photographs in auto mode (My preferred! ). The photos are clear, and the color is fantastic as well, as the quality is fantastic. It feels like I’ve taken pictures of real-life characteristics. The display is huge and clear. It is easy to view the images I just took, and I can alter my position to make the most of the moment. The display makes it simple to retake the picture almost instantly.

I am just enjoying the feature of the eye-fi card as I’ve installed my Canon to automatically upload my photos onto my computer and my Pad 2 when I’m in reach of my Wi-Fi network at home. When I return home, I leave my camera turned on and automatically shut for 10 minutes to allow my computer and camera ample time to upload images taken by my camera. It is no longer necessary to wait for a while to upload photos since my camera will do it for me. Gone are the days when I had to erase a picture due to the camera’s card being full.

Aspect 2: FAST

I am always looking to test out new settings, and through playing around with manual settings, I have been able to capture stunning panoramic shots. The images are breathtaking even when I set my camera on auto or auto-sans-flash mode. The most significant aspect of this speedy Canon is that when my children are playing sports, I’ve taken images that are stunning, such as when my son was hitting the ball, I snapped all of the frames and took a picture of him hitting his first home hit. I have all of it in pictures! From the look of surprise on his face to the smile and celebrations following his home run. This is all because the camera is so quick that I can take numerous photos. Previous cameras were terribly slow in auto-focus, which meant that I would always miss the moment my son was moving.


Photography is focused on the end product, that is, the image. These images of the Canon Rebel are stunning as well. The quality of the images is real; I’m completely off. It’s clear that I’m just scratching the surface of the iceberg as to the possibilities. One feature that piqued my attention was the HD video. I have stunning clarity footage from my child in her school recital. I am thrilled that the wife picked this particular model.


The reason I am a photographer is to save family memories, and my wife purchased the perfect equipment. The Canon Rebel T3i will record both my images as well as video in HD. Canon records these memories for me, and I plan my family’s time capsule, which will be open 100 years after my death. I would like my future grandchildren to be able to see what we were and what we did for fun. Thank you, hun, for the Canon Rebel EOS T3i.