5 Creative Ways To Personalise Your Canvas Prints

Have you ever thought about locating the most beautiful photos of yours and turning them into fantastic canvas prints for yourself or your family and friends? This was not feasible, but thanks to the latest canvas art techniques, you are now able to upload your pictures even from disposable cameras or camera phones – from social media (!) and then hang them on your wall, in a place where they can be seen and appreciated every day. But there’s no one way of creating canvas prints. Here are five of the most inventive ways to personalize your canvas prints

1. Colour splash canvas prints

Color splash, as the title suggests, is the flash of color that is placed in a specific location or form on the prints. The remainder of the image is reverted to sepia or black, while a specific part is given a splash of color that makes it stand out in a unique and contemporary manner. Color splash canvas prints let you show off your imagination and creativity by presenting some really cool ideas. Explore your ideas and see what you can think of!

2. Filmstrip montage canvas

The canvas art for the filmstrip montage is definitely chic and stylish. Utilizing the timeless black and white film strip colors, it displays two or three of your images in a continuous “roll” effect. The ideal method for telling a tale is using your images. The shape of their elongated form means they are a great fit in many spaces and will fit in with nearly any color scheme. Mainly, photos of babies are gorgeous on the filmstrip montage. Perhaps it will tell the development of the child from the moment of birth until his or her 3rd birthday.

3. Panoramic canvas prints

Canvas art with panoramic views is timeless and genuinely inspiring. The unique shape of the canvas truly captures the emotions of an event captured by a camera. There’s something almost beautiful about a three-meter comprehensive panorama wall art that transports your breath away and flies off with every viewing of it. It is a quick and exciting visual impact that’s unmatched by any other home decor concept. Photos of any event and any subject can be beautifully portrayed on large-scale canvas prints. It is, without doubt, the most stunning and gorgeous method to preserve your most memorable images.

4. Che Style Pop Art portrait

Che Style is a simple yet effective design that uses your photograph and creates a Pop Art effect emulating that of Che Guevara’s famous portrait. Vibrant and striking color is used as background, while the main photo is framed in black-and-white to create a striking contrast. The result is truly unique.

5. Prints on canvas collages with photos

Are you thinking, “I have way too many beautiful pictures! What do I do? If so, this college is the best option for you. Choose any of 2-60 images (yes, that’s correct, 2-60 – and experience the incredible photography on canvas. You can arrange the photos by yourself or choose a random collage, or an artist on canvas can design a canvas print collage for you. Baby photos look fabulous in a collage of photos like wedding pictures and family photographs.

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