My 7 Secret Steps For Taking Better Photographs!

Through time, I’ve explored a myriad of strategies and methods for making quality photos. I have discovered these 7 Secret Steps to have worked time and time again for me as well as my Canon Rebel T3i. Test them out for yourself and then leave an opinion.

Secret Step 1:

Many people make mistakes before they begin. They don’t read the manual to learn the basic information. My experiences are that you don’t need to go through the manual if you already know these functions immediately:

* How do you turn the flash off and on
* How to set the flash in Auto control
* How to find the right focus using zooming in and out.
* How do you actually utilize the shutter button

I could continue to go on and on however if you are aware of how to operate the specific model of camera you own, you can do not bother with this step. If you don’t know the above features, you should consult your manual for more details before continuing with the rest of this post.

Secret Step 2:

If you aren’t sure about how to use your camera, this process could be difficult. You must adjust the resolution of your camera to the highest resolution you can get. Why? From my experience, I have had great images at low resolution with my camera, and could not print them. When I cut them down, they looked awful. It wasn’t until I read the instruction manual and watched an YouTube clip on my Canon T3i that I stumbled upon the solution. A small adjustment, but big outcomes!

Secret Step 3:

This is a major secret, and it’s …… to keep the camera in automatic mode. A lot of amateur photographers, like me, are advised not to operate the camera using manual mode because of one major reason, which is focus. Cameras that are on auto does a better job in focusing on the scenery you wish to photograph than it would be when the moment is passing. For instance, when I watch my son playing soccer , I prefer to keep an eye on him while on the field and when he is playing with the ball, the ball, I “click” onto the camera to take the image. If you’re running your camera manually , you’ll require to be as fast as lightning to constantly adjust the focus and yet catch the moment before it disappears.

Secret Step 4:

Make the camera part of you and carry it with you everywhere and everywhere. My experience has been that once I began moving around using the Canon Rebel I began looking at the world in an educated way. There are many panoramas to capture and this can only be done using a camera. My suggestion is to carry it with you. After several months, you’ll notice how your quality of your photographs will be been improved. Practice makes perfect!

Secret Step 5:

This one has provided an enormous health benefit for me. My dietician advised me to go for a walk of 30 minutes daily for 90 days, and the truth is that I shed 5lbs through walking over the 90 days. Then I started taking more walks since I had a reason to go for a walk, and you’ll be able to guess it…I could snap more photos in the natural light. I’ve played around with this and found out that there are various light levels between the morning and night , and this discovery has had a profound effect on my new habit of taking photos during my walks. A few months later, I’m the weight has dropped by 45lbs and I have quality photos of me Before and After. The trick is to get outside and begin taking pictures.

Secret Step 6:

The trick is so simple that I would almost not consider it an undiscovered secret. Simply ensure that the camera’s lens in good condition and avoid touching the lens with your fingers. Make use of an quality cloth to clean your lens . Also, ensure that you keep the cap on the lens after you’re finished taking pictures. If the lens is not covered (that means that it doesn’t have a cover) Keep a sizeable cloth in your pocket or camera bag, and then clean it prior to using.

Secret Step 7:

After we’ve come this far Let me go into the depths and explain the final method I came across and that is to set your camera’s light balance white. Why? The camera will attempt to balance any unbalanced color when in automatic mode by changing the color setting on autopilot. If you change cameras to white, this setting allows you to capture quality photos, especially when the lighting is poor. This is a great feature since it ensures that the balance is in the right place, particularly when you’re having an evening out with your companions and are in a place with dim lighting. The white will be picked up and improve the image.

If the process of taking clear quality photos is your thing Then these 7 Steps can help you improve your skills.