Wedding Ceremony Etiquette - Will You All Please Sit Down

With the popularity of smartphone technology, There has been an increase in the manner of wedding ceremonies. Currently, half of the guests are taking pictures. Wedding photographers who are professional just have to evade only two or three people, but now it’s nearly everybody. Today, ten people are competing to get the exact photograph that the photographer is trying to get. And if you’re at a wedding, so please sit down and be respectful.

Please sit down

Let’s begin by saying the obvious. Ladies, gentlemen and children, please sit down.

I’ve been to hundreds of weddings during outdoor ceremonies. The seats are always empty, excluding the row that is first and is typically directly family. Outdoor weddings have become increasingly popular due to the decline in weddings with religious ceremonies.

Everyone gathers around the seating taking pictures, and others sit on the side seat and lean forward to snap a picture while pretending to be courteous to the photographer as well as other guests.

Wedding photographers cost money.

The wedding hosts have hired an experienced photographer to make an investment in professional wedding pictures. Their entire photography investment could cost as much as $10,000 USD, and sure, couples pay more than that amount. Think about it. Next time you get that amazing photo at a wedding, the photographer may be behind you and contemplating, “please get out of the way, or this moment will be over”. Certain moments last only one second and only happen once.

The Principal Problem

Photographers know that guests want to express themselves, but this isn’t the right place to do it. The professional photographer is accountable for capturing these events. Imagine that 50 people are trying to capture photos simultaneously. This is not an exaggeration. With arms extended in varying lengths based on the eyesight of each person, which makes it more difficult.

I would like guests to capture images while the Bride is walking down the aisle, take an attractive kiss and then take a photo of the couple with the certificate, and take some photographs of the entire family; taking pictures in every single moment, it’s irritating and a bit inconsiderate.

How many of these photos will be deleted in order in order to make room for the limited available

How many photos you take will be utilized?

Photographers are now sharing photos on Facebook as well as other social media. It’s easy to post photos from your family members or friends’ weddings on your own social media profile If you want. You can even do professionals a favour when you share your love for the wedding photos that they have posted to their page on Facebook.


Photograph some important shots just for the occasion (down to the wedding aisle kissing with the wedding certificate photographs).

Sit down at one of the tables and take in the magic moment of someone’s wedding.

Utilize images taken from photographers’ social media websites.

One of these solutions would be more appropriate than having an agreement with the couple signs that states that they are accountable for the conduct of guests using cameras and also to inform their guests aware prior to the wedding. This won’t resolve the issue that guests get in the way of a professional photographer, but at least the photographer isn’t accountable for the actions of guests who cause bad photos.

A little giving and taking are required for both sides to resolve the issue. Everyone hopes that the happy couple will have the perfect wedding photos which they’ve spent money on. All you have is just sit down and relax; it requires nothing at all.

Professional Wedding Photographer and Facilitator. Mark has more than 20 years of experience in photography. He has worked in a variety of fields as a photographer for international bands magazines, wedding photographers and magazines. The company is now the principal and owner of Xpose’s Wedding Photography. It is situated in Brisbane, Australia.