Sony SLT A55 - The Best Single Lens Translucent Digital Camera

The Sony Single Lens Translucent (SLT) A55 is not your standard DSLR camera. It features Live View and full-time phase-detection and autofocus. This camera can make use of the phase-detection autofocus when you record movies. It allows continuous shooting of 10 frames per second. This is a breakneck speed. This kind of speed is not previously offered by cameras in this category. This camera was chosen as one of the top digital cameras for novices.

Key Features

New 16.2 MP ASP Exmore HD-CMOS sensors, Sony’s top resolution
Face detection auto-focus
Film files can be shot at 1080 pixels and with auto-focus that is continuous and continuous.
2x magnification mode when in live view
Fixed, semi-translucent mirror
Maximum ISO 12,800 the ISO 25600 limit in Extended Mode.
Supports Sony’s memory stick as well as an SD memory card.
15-point autofocus array that detects phase with three auto-focus points that cross-type.
An electronic viewfinder that has a 1.15 mp resolution
The built-in GPS receiver lets you geotag photos
Electronic level of EVF/LCD
Interchangeable lenses
10- frames per second of continuous shooting
3″ 912k TruBlack LCD, simple viewing in bright lighting and a 180-degree swivel capacity
An input jack to connect an external microphone
The camera is tiny and light, yet sturdy with a sturdy grip. The giant LCD screen is flipped out from the rear of the camera, and it has a 360-degree movement. It’s easy for you to see the image even in bright light. It’s big and provides an excellent, clear image. The electronic level included shows the horizon line, so we can tell if the camera is at a level.

Translucent Mirrors

The mirrors on this camera are transparent, which allows light to enter the sensor. In typical DLSRs, light bounces off mirrors that reflect the light into the viewfinder, and the mirror is required to shift into the desired position when the shutter button is released. The mirrors on A55 A55 can be fixed and allow the bulk of all light to get to the sensor while reflecting a tiny amount of light onto a phase-detection auto-focus array.

External Flashes and Lenses that are Compatible

This camera works to Sony’s lenses A, Minolta Lenses, and Konica Minolta Autofocus lenses. It comes with an open-face flash, and it has an ISO hot shoe mounting system that can be used with external flashes. Its hot shoe mount can be used together with Sony or Minolta external flashes. Sony has an adapter that can enable users to use Nikon, Canon, Pentax or Olympus accessories.

Continuous Shoot & Making Videos

Continuous shooting at ten frames per second is feasible because there’s no mirror moving to reduce it. The camera is in autofocus mode, which means that fast-moving subjects can be captured in clear, crisp images. This speed in a camera at such a price range is a significant leap forward. This is usually reserved for professional high-end cameras.

There is no need to worry about focusing on the camera while filming. It was always that elusive moment in the film when you could observe the camera stop to focus. It’s the Sony SLT A55 offers continuous autofocus and phase detection during videos to ensure smooth and clear images. Its 16.2 MP CMOS sensor, in conjunction with its BIONZ processor for the image, has increased the picture and video quality to professional quality. The camera is capable of the full HD 1080p AVCHD video. It keeps the image in focus when the camera moves. The video quality is excellent on this camera. A55 is among the top a camera with an interchangeable lens.

Panoramic images

This speed lets users utilize the camera’s Sweep Panorama function to take stitched panoramic pictures by pressing the shutter while moving the camera across the scene. It automatically takes all the overlapping photos and stitches them. The result is stunning.

Noise Reduction

The camera has multiple frame noise reduction. If you’re concerned about the quality of your photos being noisy due to low lighting or other factors, You can take an entire sequence of photos that the camera can mix into a low-noise image.

A brand new 15-Point Autofocus Array

This autofocus sensor has only a tiny amount of light through its semi-transparent mirror. The array is equipped with 15 autofocus points. This is the reason why Sony was able to achieve 10-frames per second continuously shooting. This makes the camera more appealing than the typical DSLR camera.

Image Stabilization

It is Super SteadyShot Image Stabilization adjusted to compensate for camera shake and offers clear, sharp images when shooting. There are no lenses that have image stabilization features for this camera.

In-Camera GPS Receiver

The GPS Receiver permits us to geotag photographs. GPS receivers capture geolocation information, which can later be utilized in conjunction with Google Earth and Google Maps. Certain photographers have achieved this with the external GPS receiver or a mobile phone. This receiver Sony allows us to add location information with the photos using the software. This is an incredible asset.

The Sony SLT A55 offers speedy shooting, rapid focusing and the most recent translucent mirror design. The mirror design lets a small amount of light get to the autofocus sensors. This lets continuous autofocus be used with Live view mode. The typical DSLR cameras will stop and focus, and this can appear on the screen. The camera is able to function as a point and shoot camera; however, it has the high quality of images quality that an SLR.