5 Essential Items a Photographer Should Carry Around When Doing an Outdoor Photo Shoot

Many of you may be already imagining the items that are available. Some may refer to an ultra-lightweight mid-range zoom lens, while others may suggest tripods or extra batteries. These are definitely suitable accessories, but I’d like to talk about the small things that a lot often we choose to ignore or don’t ever even think about.

Have you been in a position where even the most minor thing could have ruined the entire photography session? I’m sure you’ve experienced the same experience.

Let’s look at the five most essential items you must carry during an outdoor photoshoot.

Pencil and Paper

If words aren’t enough, you must resort to diagrams or sketches. There are times in which, regardless of how hard you attempt to convey a message, it becomes impossible. In these instances, the use of a pen or pencil and paper can perform amazing things.

It is not necessary to be an artist with a whole body, even though I am sure that you are competent in drawing diagrams and forms. The most effective way to communicate poses is to draw sticks figures. They are simple to draw and efficient.

First Aid Kit

A basic first aid kit can suffice. If you have bandages, plasters, scissors, and disposable gloves, it’s good enough for a start. You may want to add in some painkillers, as well as an insect repellent lotion or spray.

Sewing Kit

Although it should be included in the model’s accessory list, I would suggest that you look after it in the event that your model is responsible for this item. You don’t want to ruin your photo shoot due to the button being loose or a ripped strap.

In addition, I suggest adding some pins as well as clippings for paper. They can be instrumental when you’re on the go and are pressed for time.

Adhesive Tape and Rubber Bands

I have a stash of these mini-things. In more than one instance, these items have proven to be valuable items.

Anything that is able to repair, mend, or security is a great option. Things like rubber bands, adhesive tape, sticky gum, and a tiny stapler string are all valuable items that could save your life. They can be used for anything from fixing a tripod temporarily to attaching a reflector to the pole or branch.

Chocolate Bars

Last but not least, make sure you take a snack with high sugar, like chocolate bars. These are compact and easy to transport around. While it is customary to plan the length of a shoot, there are times when due to reasons outside your control, your set time can be exceeded.

In these late hours, both your pet would benefit from an ice cream bar with high sugar. It will provide your body with energy and help you cope with some more work hours.

Incorporating the previous points will ensure that the odds of an event going badly can be reduced to a minimum. For your benefit, it could be a chance to prove that you’re professional and trustworthy to collaborate with because you always have prepared a contingency plan should the shoot doesn’t occur as you had hoped.