21 Picture Ideas for Wedding Photographers

You’ve been booked to photograph your wedding for the first time; however, beyond the standard formal 4 or 5 wedding pictures, you’re thinking, “What do I take photos of?”. So here are 21 image concepts for Wedding Photographers. These suggestions will keep your fingers firmly in the air and your customers happy.

There are three major parts of a wedding: before the ceremony, during, and after. The 21 photo ideas below are broken down into each of these areas, with seven ideas for each.

Before The Wedding

Brides get dressed, get their hair cut, and put on their makeup. You get a general concept. It is essential to discuss this with the bride prior to the wedding and is a good souvenir of the wedding day.
Portrait of the groom enjoying his time at home before leaving.
The bride and her family enjoy a relaxing time at home or in the hotel before leaving for the wedding.
The bride and her father are on the way to the airport.
The groom and his guests were outside having a chat with the groomsman at the venue before heading into.
The bride is seen stepping out of the car.
A picture of the bride and her father outside of the venue before they enter the venue, and he presents her with a gift.

During the Wedding

The groom is seated nervously in or perhaps looking up the aisle, waiting for the bride.
The bride is walking down the aisle, with bridesmaids holding her train.
Close up of the hands while the ring moves on. Be careful not to interfere; find an ideal vantage point and use your zoom lens.
The bride and groom kiss each other after the vows have been exchanged.
Page boys, bridesmaids Other children holding hands with the groom and bride in the background. The background is slightly blurred.
A tight shot of the wedding couple tightly clasping their hands to display the rings.
A wide-angle shot of guests in the ceremony.

After the Wedding

The bride and Groom walk from the reception and then are covered in rice or confetti.
Photos of guests’ expressions Watch out for candid shots, particularly ones filled with emotion. They are great for black and white photos.
A picture of the decorated wedding car as it leaves.
The bride and Groom look at each other’s eyes, another great black and white photo.
Close-ups of faces of children – they are usually larger in expression than grown-ups. There’s a chance that you’ll see one making a funny expression.
Informal candids of the groom and bride, whether in a group or talking with others or trying to soak everything into.
Other details enhance the memories of the event. For instance, the cake, the flowers, the huge glass of champagne, the dress specifics. The idea is there.
When using digital, keep in mind that you can delete the image later. It is best to take more than you require. You’ll be shocked at how often the ideal shot is one you nearly didn’t get. Things will change once you edit them, and you’ll notice a bit slight separation from the anxiety that you feel throughout the day. The more weddings that you take, the better idea you’ll be able to discern what works and what isn’t.

An excellent tip for you beginning out is to employ an assistant. This could be a person who is also interested in photography. They can be seen taking candid photos while you focus on formal portraits as well as group photos. In this way, you’ll have a great selection of images.

I hope this article has provided you with some ideas of what kind of photos you can take during weddings and may have sparked some additional ideas for you.