What's New in 2012 Waterproof Cameras

The year 2012 may be the best year to have been searching for a durable waterproof camera.

Poor performance in photography is gone. Durability ratings have increased, and VGA videos have been transformed to HD.

If you’re looking for what’s changed, here’s a brief overview of the different features or upgrades that the rugged cameras of 2012 have to offer.

1. HD Videos

The majority of the waterproof cameras available this year come with high-definition 1080p video. The less expensive models have also gotten rid of VGA videos and have switched to HD format in 720p. This means that they are sharper and more enjoyable movies that you can share on YouTube or on a wide-screen flat TV.

The majority of high-end models come with HDMI connectivity. This allows users to broadcast their stunningly clear underwater experiences with their family and friends on your HDTV.

2. Faster Cameras

In 2009, cameras that were waterproof were notoriously slow. With the introduction of technology that uses cameras with backlit CMOS sensor technologies, the latest cameras of 2012 are more efficient than their predecessors. Some are faster than your typical point and shoot.

Take the Sony TX200V. The glass-plated camera comes with lightning-fast focus times of only 0.1 seconds. In night photography, it can focus as quickly up to 0.2 seconds. It is the most efficient point-and-shoot camera in the marketplace today.

Panasonic has also fitted its TS4 with an upgraded and more efficient Venus sensor. Other makers (like Olympus) have also made the switch to the more efficient CMOS backlit sensor instead of, the older CCD sensors.

3. Better Protection

When new camera makers entered the scene in 2009, we’ve usually read about leaks of cameras in camera reviews. Since the beginning of this year, we have noticed increasing numbers of manufacturers altering their lock mechanisms.

Today, the technology for water sealing has improved. A lot of manufacturers have learned their mistakes, changed their rubber o-rings, and changed their batteries and memory latch into two locks.

This means that your camera will have less chance of becoming an expensive paperweight while it is used underwater.

4. Cameras that are less expensive, with full features.

Olympus waterproof and crushproof camera (one that you can carry around or even put into a backpack) was previously priced at $399. This year, however, the 2012 model is now available for $299.

If you’re looking for cameras with a backlit CMOS sensor and stabilizer HD video and GPS taggers but don’t have the budget to pay $399 to purchase Pentax or Panasonic or Pentax, you can try Fuji.

The Fuji XP150 has similar features that are offered by the top waterproof cameras, but with cheaper prices -$279.99. $279.99.

This is why we’re so thrilled about the cameras that were introduced this year.

5. Variety to Choose From

Waterproof cameras were once an item for the adventurous. However, 2012 will see cameras explicitly designed for urban use, like the stylish Sony TX200V, those who love water like cameras like the Canon D20, or hiking maniacs such as those who own the Pentax WG-2.

There’s a camera available for all.

Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect from this year’s lineup of waterproof cameras. It’s certainly more thrilling than the previous year, and we’re hoping to see the introduction of waterproofing as an option in the higher-end models.

The devices are expected to be available in March. Start saving today!