Perfect Westchester County Wedding Photography Destinations

In general, during wedding season, grooms and brides alike are trying to find the ideal location for that moment when everything they have experienced comes together to make that magical wedding photo. While it is as easy as the idea can be to imagine, in reality, it’s much more difficult and stressful to create, especially in the midst of all the excitement, planning, and chaos when it comes to photographing weddings within the tristate area.

The beauty and peace in Westchester County are enough to make any bride’s heart melt and make her dream come to life. For a stunning, romantic wedding photographer experience, There is no reason to worry amid the New York City hustle and hustle. Instead, you can head further north and gain access to the top photographers, breathtaking scenery, and an atmosphere that can make you feel exactly how you want to be at your wedding- as if you were Queen of all the earth with her king at her by her side.

Here are three of the top choices for Westchester locations for photography that can make your wedding the event you desire to be and much more.

Harbor Island Park

This stunning natural retreat is the ideal spot for brides and grooms who wish to be remembered for their special day in elegant elegance. The wharf is located on Long Island Sound; Harbor Island Park is a perfect spot for weddings. Long Island Sound, Harbor Island Park is an ideal backdrop to your everyday life. Explore the trails along the shoreline and be surrounded by gorgeous fall foliage or the bright blooms of the spring flower. Lounge on a bench, enjoying the tranquil sound as the photographer swivels over to the back to create quaint flawlessness. No matter what time of year, the location will never going to disappoint even the most unpredictable bride.

PepsiCo Gardens

Only 31 miles from New York City, PepsiCo Gardens is a diverse and imaginative setting that is the most sought-after location for New York photographers. The location is perfect for the royal couple, who are full of creativity and imagination. With 45 sculptures on the grounds, it is an ideal opportunity for the groom and bride to take part in an engaging, spontaneous wedding photoshoot. Capture memorable moments between the works of Auguste Rodin and Max Ernst.

Glen Island Park

It is also located on the Long Island Sound; Glen Island Park is a fantastic location for photography for couples who wish to be in the midst of castles and have an affinity to the past and medieval. The park was once one of four islands that were privately owned and connected via drawbridges and causeways; Glen Island now belongs to Westchester County and is a popular location for Westchester wedding photography due to the enchanting 19th century-style castle that is perfect for royalty and queens for their wedding day.

The wedding day is the day when the bride and groom are expected to get out of the studio for photography and onto a place to enjoy the perfect wedding photoshoot. Westchester county is home to a variety of places to shoot in, and, with the help of professional wedding photographers, the choices that are involved in wedding photography can be made accessible.