How to Win Clients As a Wedding Photographer

It’s true that when it comes to the most significant event of your lifetime, the day of your work is of no importance. It doesn’t matter if you’re a traffic guard or CEO, or even an artist, a wedding photographer the sacred ceremony is meant to be among the most memorable events of your life. The issue with an important event like weddings is that they tend to go by in a blur emotions. For professionals like us, this is the reason why we employ wedding photographers. What exactly do potential couples seek out in the photographer? In an age where wedding photographers appear to be just as popular to lawyers as they are wedding photographers, how can you make yourself stand out? Here are some of the best tips:

Ask many questions

Ask them about the venue and plan of action. It’s likely that they’ll have enough to think about without pestering them about every single aspect, but it’s important to understand exactly what they’re expecting from you. There really aren’t any second chances. Find out what kind of pictures they’d like to see. They might not know the choices available for black and white, but what about color? What about sepia or color? Have they considered whether they would prefer spontaneous or staged photos?

It’s an excellent idea to review the services you provide. Are they in need of your services throughout the day including reception? Who will keep the negatives?

Beware of using jargon

Avoid using excessive language when you meet your clients. Also, be certain to watch for this confused look to tell if you’ve gone overboard. Avoid explaining the ways you’ll use an telephoto lens for capturing intimate moments from afar or how you can use candid images to capture the natural beauty in the moment.

Reassure your client

It’s obvious, but make sure to convince the client of your knowledge in wedding photography and convince them that you’re the right person to do the task. Showcase your work by displaying your portfolio or your website.

Make sure you meet them prior to the ceremony. They’ll want to ensure they are comfortable with you. Also, make sure to show them how you’ll be able to go unnoticed.

It’s all about character (as as well as talent)

Okay, this isn’t something you can modify to suit your the needs. However, any bride in awe will recognize the reality that the personality of a photographer can be the difference between a successful and a bad wedding. It takes a particular kind of person to interfere on an event of this magnitude, and to be able to make use of their skills in photography without being intrusive. Also, be honest and truthful. Remind them that regardless that it will not be able to fill your pockets more, it’s best to invest in photos with higher quality than to end with an album of poor quality images.


If you’re cautious and are aware of who you’d like to target advertising can be an excellent source of creating new business. Put up advertisements on your vehicle and handing out business cards at select restaurants and places that be suitable for weddings. Don’t be afraid to go out there and market your business through networking events and wedding elements.

Final Word

Remember that this will be the most significant and significant day in your customers’ lifetime (certainly the bride!). Although the wedding day can prove stressful, and photography for weddings challenging, they can be extremely satisfying. It’s an absolute honor to be asked to join the most intimate circle of friends and family and as long as you do your job as you’re paying for, you’ll be rewarded with a satisfaction. It’s true that there aren’t many jobs that can give the same feeling of satisfaction.