Backdrops To Have in a Photography Studio for Portraits

White Backdrops.

My white wall is white, as are white papers as well as white vinyl. I utilize them all to shoot different kinds of photoshoots. I have a tile board I love using to shoot against white backgrounds. I generally use this when shooting against my white wall, which is painted. It shows shadows and reflections of the subject and is very elegant in photographs. I prefer using vinyl whenever I travel between shooting locations, and it appears to be more durable than paper. I like using white paper whenever I need to tidy up the mess fast, like when I host a birthday cake shoot for one-year-olds. It is straightforward to cut out the paper and throw it away.

Colored Paper.

I have several different kinds of paper rolls for my customers. I usually talk with them prior to the shoot so that they can have the paper hung so that it doesn’t take time during the shoot. Knowing what models or clients will be wearing can be helpful when choosing the paper to choose to use.

Faux Wood Floors.

They are great to have. There are many companies that offer different kinds of wood floors. You will find them by typing “Faux Wood Flooring” on Google. One of the advantages is that you can use them not only for flooring and backgrounds too. I sometimes employ them both simultaneously. I have two of the floors, so I can use a similar one on the background and another as the floor, making it looks like an entire wood-based environment. It is also well for photography of children.

White Molding.

There is a myriad of different kinds of molding and wood panels installed on my walls. They are mostly painted white and make for the perfect backdrop for photography. However, it also provides an artistic and professional look for my space.


They are amazing! I have a variety of fabrics that are the perfect backdrop for child photography! There are a variety of sellers who sell them because they’ve switched out the edge of their fabric. However, you don’t have to shell out money for them. You can buy fabric at a local craft and fabric shop, or placing an order online is great too! It will impress your customers as well since you’ll have plenty of backdrops to pick from. Be sure to have a steamer on hand as you’ll need to steam the fabric in order to remove wrinkles from them as they hang.

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