Electronic Documents, Top Reasons to Switch From a Paper-Heavy Company

Business is a place that is constantly moving. It is a dynamic environment where its employees must adapt and function in a variety of contexts and situations in swift changes. One single document or file that is delivered promptly and in a timely manner can be the fine line between success and failure. Therefore, speed is an important aspect.

Electronic Documentation provides relief from busy schedules and appointments by allowing its users effectively complete tasks such as gathering information about patients and signing contracts. Apart from these valuable features, this document system has a lot more to provide.

1. No More Paper

The most notable benefit for Electronic (or Digital Documentation, in general, is the possibility of becoming paperless. Electronic documenting can eliminate the necessity for clipboards, paper as well as file storage, and Fax machines. In reducing these elements, a company that uses this system will witness significant amounts of money assets saved. The company will no longer need the need to create purchase orders for ink, paper, storage, and maintenance of fax machines. In addition, by moving to paperless and reducing the environmental impact too.

2. Data Management

In addition to the benefits it offers the system, it offers a number of functions that are useful for information. Data can be automatically populated by a pre-existing Customer Relations Management (abbreviated CRM) System to make registration faster. Forms that are completed are saved in the database managed by the service provider and can be accessed from anywhere with a unique URL on any device. Databases are also usually backed up and provide users with security for disasters.

3. Simple Modifications

Each now and then, documents require changes. The modifications could vary from a simple revision to a complete revamp of the entire document. Through Electronic Documentation, users are capable of editing their documents quickly. Documents are able to be loaded into the system and later modified according to the preferences of the user. Furthermore, any modifications that are saved and made will instantly be available to all users who have access to the document, giving the possibility of immediate changes.

4. Access to Information

The ease of use offered with Electronic Documentation is unprecedented in the sense that these forms are accessible on virtually every device. Furthermore, users are capable of accessing these documents anyplace, provided that they have an internet connection. With this feature, employees and workers can quickly transfer and receive documents at any time they require. No matter what the circumstances, the users will always be able to transfer and send documents at a moment’s notice. The forms can be viewed through any web browser without the need to download additional software, such as Adobe Acrobat.

5. Great Mobility

As we’ve said before, the ease of use offered is significant. In addition to allowing employees to access documents whenever they need to, Electronic Documents will also give potential customers and partners accessibility. Users are able to deliver contracts and other documents to their clients and have them sign them in a matter of seconds. This type of convenience won’t only be attractive to the employee but to the client as well.

6. Additional Benefits

Another advantage offered by this particular type of document management is automated messaging. The function allows users to send immediately to the client a copy of the contract or form which was completed. Another advantage is the ability to integrate with a camera, either on a tablet or phone. Users can snap photographs and upload images to the database.


The world of technology is constantly changing. It has advanced and grown and is showing signs of slowing. The use of electronic Documenting is the result of this development and intends to make working and living easier. Through this system of software, businesses can find an increase in productivity for employees and efficiency.

Where can I get This Software?

Numerous companies provide Electronic Documentation Systems. One of the most popular companies can be found in DBX as well as its DigiForms software. In addition to the above benefits, the software is made to be more suited to what businesses are looking for. That means that businesses and corporations will receive only what they require. Other companies that offer similar systems in a similar manner include ArrayTechnology as well as Scrypt.