Reputation Management, How It Improves Your Company's Face

Although the best business practices and services can often be the reason for a positive image, however, it might not suffice. Independent variables, such as confusion between a consumer or a client with malicious motives, are present. Because of these factors, certain businesses seek help through the use of Reputation Management Software.

This kind of system allows the company to increase positive reviews, giving them a way to enhance or maintain its reputation of the company, while also allowing the time and space needed to address any complaints from customers. The best software would allow users to create and modify surveys according to suit their needs, determine what areas need to be improved, and monitor the results that it produces.


The advantage is the capacity to enhance the image of a business. The incentive to write a favorable review could be offered to those who have left positive reviews. The result is an increase in positive publicity, which will allow a company to rise up the list of search results from the most popular search engines like Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, and many more. Since reputation is a complex thing and takes a significant amount of time to evolve and improve, the ability to improve one’s reputation at an early stage can be a huge advantage.

Consider that the typical consumer will be weighing their choices regarding a product or service prior to making a decision. The majority of these consultations will be provided in the form of reviews, typically via the internet. In this scenario, reputation comes into the picture if other businesses are that offer the same services at a comparable price. The customer will consider high-quality if the quality is identical to that. The customer would consider reputation and trustworthiness. In this scenario, bad reviews can negatively impact the business.

With a reputation management process that manages reputation, the company could seek to benefit from other companies by spreading positive reviews. This could convince customers to choose one company over the other by showing potential customers how good a reputation the business is able to maintain, thereby increasing revenues.

Reputation management software does not concentrate solely on reviews that are positive. These kinds of systems can handle negative reviews. It is usually done by notifying the person of any negative reviews before the issue gets out of hand. This creates a buffer, providing the company time to analyze the issue and address the situation in a timely manner.

By encouraging positive reviews and dealing with negative reviews, a reputation management program can significantly boost a company’s credibility.


Like all things in life, there are some disadvantages to reputation management systems, too. One of them is the price of this system. The purchase of software from the market could be a less expensive option. However, it’s not the quality or features that a company might require. To have the most effective system, customized software would require to be implemented in conjunction. The disadvantage of buying customized software is that it could be that it drains the financial assets.

Another issue with this method is the possibility of conflicts with other programs which may be running along with it. It is possible that there is a compatibility issue between this reputation management software as well as other programs that are already in use. If the system does not come complete with the functions you require in the system, further purchases of additional software could be required. These purchases can lead to a higher cost and also lots of stress.

The majority of programs that provide reviews and reputation management are standalone applications. This means that these programs are running as a distinct computer process rather than as being an extension of an existing procedure. A further issue with standalone programs is that they are not able to install them simultaneously across various devices. This must be completed in a sequential manner and takes a lot of time.


Every business could benefit greatly from reputation management. These systems provide the ability to promote positive reviews as well as handle negative reviews. While they are expensive, however, the software is worth the money. With its great credibility and reputation getting customers and clients are easier.

Some Solutions

Although the advantages of reputation management systems are impressive, the negatives are quite overwhelming. Good software should give a company all of the advantages but without the cost or risk of software conflict. There are a variety of software products available. ProDBX’s Reputation Management is one such application that is easy to use and affordable. This program allows the user to create and personalize surveys as well as automated responses. Furthermore, the team of ProDBX assists their customers in how to use the software and customize it to meet their specific needs.
Other noteworthy mentions include Vendasta and Capterra, which are both creators of custom-made software.