Are You More Content Making a Point Than Making a Difference

It’s easy to confuse assertiveness, determination, and ambition with determination and grit. Sometimes, crucial business decisions are more about creating a difference for the company and more about simply trying to make a point. This can be unfavorable consequences for the growth that you have built for your company.

What’s the difference?

We’ve all heard of people who are prone to being correct. They’re those who are awed by winning arguments or prevailing in a heated debate. They’re easy to recognize in the world of business. They are passionate about specific ideas and are often adamant when it comes to convincing other people to accept their suggestions and ideas.

It’s crucial to be a passionate businessperson, but it’s essential to recognize the differences between passion and narrow-mindedness. The beliefs we hold are crucial to us. However, it’s equally important to recognize that not all people hold the same opinions. It’s equally important to realize that simply believing that something is true does not mean it’s true.

Respecting the viewpoints of others

It is beneficial to encourage the views of other people. This can include colleagues or other business professionals, including advisors and mentors. While taking their advice doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily agree with their opinions, listening to their suggestions could give you insights into how you can advance your business in ways you may not have thought of previously.

The benefits of listening to the opinions of others:

New Ideas

Others may view an issue differently than you would and might come up with entirely different ideas regarding how to handle the issue. Although some of these ideas might not be the best, others could help you think of new ideas or provide you with idea that is great.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

When you are faced with a business decision, it’s easy to become absorbed by the minutiae. Actively seeking out the viewpoints of others can help you expand your perspective of the issue throughout.

Avoiding Mistakes

In the business world, there are always mistakes to be made, and, at times, they could be costly. We are all vulnerable to errors and are prone to making mistakes. A person’s opinion can help you to be alerted to flaws in your judgment, which in a way, will be beneficial to the company in the long run. It’s all about the overall success of the company in general, not about our personal egos.

Begin Making a Difference

It can be pretty tricky, particularly when you’re used to working independently. There’s plenty of value in listening to others. The old adage says, “two heads are more valuable than one. In the world of business, it’s typically more than you have as many heads possible’ provided that the heads are of good quality!

It’s not an issue of being a matter of being the best every single time. It’s about figuring out methods to expand your business, and often, that’s an impossible task to do by yourself.

Raymond Huan is the CEO of Accelerated Business Solutions, a company that offers professional business training to businesses that are growing.