Looking Great in Your Wedding Photos

When it comes to your big day, there is a considerable amount to celebrate. The coming together of two people who love each other and you’re committing yourself to the person you love, the gathering of all your collective friends and family, the dresses and the cakes, the music and the dancing, and the generally great mood. All this contributes to this being perhaps the most memorable day of most of our lives.

However, there are also some aspects of being nervous about if it’s your big day – if you’re preparing for it now, then you are no doubt already aware of this fact. For many people, this will mean primarily things like worrying whether everyone will get on together, spending vast amounts of money, public speaking, and dancing in front of friends. For the camera-shy, though, it might be the wedding photographer that they worry about.

You see, there’s no getting around it; if you are getting married, then you need to get used to having your photo taken because it’s going to be happening a lot. You need to have a wedding photographer at a wedding to help you to immortalize this perfect day, and if you don’t, then you won’t be able to share the moment with your children or with those loved ones who couldn’t make it. However, in order to enjoy your wedding photographer, you need to feel confident in your pictures, and you need to make sure that you can look back on them proudly. So how do you ensure you look your best?

Find a Good Photographer

Tip one is to find a great wedding photographer. There is undoubtedly an art to the best wedding photography, and if you choose someone who is excellent at what they do, then they will choose angles and lighting to make sure you look fantastic. Look at the work of the wedding photographer at other weddings, make sure that you are happy with it, and discuss with them how you want yourself to look in pictures.

Lose Weight

Losing weight on the build-up to the big day is a great idea, and if there was ever more of an incentive to look your best and feel healthy, then most people don’t know what it is.

Get Your Makeup Right

Getting your makeup done just right is highly important for women, and you need to think not only about what will look good in person but also what will look good in wedding photography. Make sure that your skin looks matte and smooth, and use a good foundation to achieve this. Likewise, make sure that you use bold lipstick and some blusher, so your face has color even at a distance.


Practice how you are going to smile in your wedding photography. It doesn’t hurt to practice a perfect camera smile in front of the mirror, and at the same time identifying which is your good side can actually make a huge difference. You also want to look into tilting your head right to give you that defined jaw.