How to Make Money From Travel Photography

It is a dream job for anyone to do what they love while making money. Photography and travel are two of the most lucrative hobbies that you can pursue to make money. Combining the two hobbies will give you even more benefits.

These are the things you should know about travel photography.

1. You should own a camera. This is the essential requirement for a travel photographer. You can do some research to find the right camera for you.

2. Photography classes and books will help you develop the right mindset and techniques.

3. You should be aware and sensitive to the once-in-a-lifetime events and things that may occur around you.

4. Always keep your camera with you. Always be prepared to capture unique moments.

5. Find out more about the destinations you plan to visit. Learn about the local landmarks, attractions, customs, exhibitions, cuisine, and other information in your destination.

6. Create an online portfolio. An online portfolio can help you showcase your photos to a broader audience and to connect with other photographers.

7. Promote yourself. After your portfolio is complete, you can start looking for a real job. You can work in the tourism section of a tabloid or magazine.

8. With outstanding work ethics, skills, and professionalism make a great first impression. If you want to be successful in this field, you must stand out.

You are now ready to take on the role of a professional travel photographer. Now it’s time to make more money.

For travel agents, write hotel reviews.

Many websites and travel agencies are willing to pay for photos and reviews of hotels and hostels. This is your chance to make a little extra money while you travel. If you have actually stayed at the hotel, your hotel reviews will be more persuasive.

Place Advertisements on Your Photography Blog

Photos of beautiful places and events will attract photographers to your blog. Affiliate marketing is as easy as posting banners and writing reviews about products on your blog. Your chances of making money from ads increase the more people visit your blog.

Sell Stock Photos

Register on stock photography sites that allow you to sell your travel photos. Selling stock photos to designers looking for images for projects with low budgets can be a great opportunity. You will be rewarded if these designers download your work.

Take part in competitions.

Although this is not a job you want, if your skills are in photography, it’s a great way to get involved in photo competitions. A competition prize can be more than regular sales of photos.

Create and sell a photography book

Photobook allows you to reach your customers directly. For those who choose to print the photo book, it functions as a photoblog. The book can serve as both a guidebook for travelers and as an inspiration for other photographers.


You now know how to make money as a travel photographer. It’s time to get out there and grab your camera and book a flight to capture moments.