How to Film in 3D With The GoPro HD Hero2

GoPro HD Hero2 and HD Hero2 cameras are designed to attach to various types of sporting equipment. They are waterproof and virtually indestructible. They can also film in 3D and 2D simultaneously at 1080p. This makes them the world’s most compact 1080p 3D camera.

What you need

You must first make sure you have two HD Hero cameras of the same model/generation. Either 2 HD Hero2 or the original GoPro HD Hero cameras are required. The three different edition cameras, motorsports, outdoor, and surf, are all the same camera. Only the mounting hardware is different. If you have the HD Hero2 surf edition and a friend of the HD Hero2 motorsports, you can put them together in the 3D enclosure to film in 3D.

The HD Hero naked is identical to the other HD Hero cameras and can be used in combination with them. The HD Hero 960 and the original GoPro Hero cameras cannot be used to film in 3D. This will only work for the HD Hero2 and Hero2 models. Once you have two identical cameras, you can get the 3D Hero System. This includes all of the software and hardware you need.

Set up to Film in 3D

Turn on both cameras and set them to the same settings: resolution, spot meter, mode. Place the right camera into the case. Next, place the left camera upside down. The cameras can only fit in one direction. Connect both cameras using the orange cables included in the kit. Each connector has a letter at the back that indicates which camera it should connect to L or R, for left or right. Secure the clasp at the top and close the enclosure door.

The buttons at the enclosure’s front work the same way as individual cameras. You can switch modes, turn them on and off, or turn them all off. Both 2D and 3D can be filmed simultaneously by the cameras. The shutter button is the only button at the top. It controls both the cameras simultaneously. You can press the shutter button to start recording. Both cameras will flash red lights when you press them. Both red lights should flash to indicate that the cameras have been synced. The cameras will still record in sync even if the red lights don’t flash at the same time.

To stop recording, press the shutter button again, just like you would for a single camera. To turn off the cameras, press the power buttons. Each camera will record the videos to its SD card. Both folders will need to be saved to your computer.


Download CineForm Studio software from the GoPro website for free. This software will allow you to edit 3D videos. It is easy to use and will combine your videos to create your final 3D production. The videos can be viewed on any computer, TV, or laptop. You can also upload them to YouTube. To view the video in 3D, you will need to use 3D glasses.

**Check List**

1. Two HD Hero cameras should be used

2. You should make sure that you buy 2 SD cards for each camera.

3. Buy the 3D enclosure Kit